Hit 'Subscribe' On These 5 Black Girl YouTubers Who Are Killing The Game

Black girl YouTubers are popping up all over our timelines. And in true Black girl magic, they’re killing the game!

YouTube is a vast video streaming platform with millions of videos. They range from funny animal videos to travel vlogs and DIY tutorials. It’s no wonder that it’s one of the most popular websites around. People now turn to YouTube for entertainment or advice more than ever!

YouTube is made up of many different types of content creators. But in recent years, Black Girl YouTubers have become a growing presence on the platform. Some create videos on topics such as travel, food, beauty, technology, music, and so much more. Others are gaming experts who provide valuable tips and tricks on how to excel in their favorite games. And then there are the comedians. Some entertain viewers with sketches while others make funny commentaries about current events.

From beauty gurus to lifestyle vloggers, these talented women are inspiring people all over the world with their unique perspectives and creative ideas!

Hit “Subscribe” On These 5 Black Girl YouTubers Who Are Killing The Game

No matter what kind of content someone wants to watch, YouTube has got something for everyone. The ever-growing platform provides endless opportunities for content creators of all kinds — from those who like to make videos about gaming to those who like to focus on comedy and many more in between. One thing is for sure: Black Girl YouTubers are making a big impact on the platform, providing viewers with meaningful and entertaining content every day. Here are five Black girl YouTubers to subscribe to ASAP:

Trendy Topic Tiff

Trendy Topic Tiff is an actress, realtor, and of course, a Black girl YouTuber who is taking the platform by storm. As her channel name suggests, Trendy Topic Tiff covers a number of hot topics. But instead of reporting the news, she puts a comedic spin on the happenings in pop culture. And as a result, the beautiful mother of three has earned nearly half a million subscribers on YouTube.

From skits about the challenges of motherhood to sketches about the woes of modern dating, Trendy Topic Tiff is one Black girl YouTuber that you definitely need on your radar.

Sundai Love

Sundai Love is a Black girl YouTuber who travels all around the world, taking her more than 300,000 subscribers along for the ride. From Barcelona to Bali, this jet-setting babe is showing the girls how travel is really done.

Love is also a fashion model, best known for her appearance in cycle 13 of the hit television series “America’s Next Top Model.” There, she would earn a number of fans before being eliminated. But fortunately, fans can follow her on her YouTube channel for travel tips and interesting finds such as a meat vending machine or a mini portable office in Japan.


Nici Kelly is the content creator behind blackgurltech, a YouTube channel that offers helpful insights into the tech world. From the latest advancements in AI to learning how to navigate imposter syndrome, this Black girl YouTuber is changing the game, one subscriber at a time.

Kelly has more than 20 years of experience as a Full Stack Engineer and mentor. And fortunately for tech fans, she’s not shy about sharing everything she knows. The best part, she teaches the ins and outs of the tech space for free! And not only that, but she offers career advice for anyone breaking into the industry as well.

Kennie J.D.

If you’re a movie buff, Kennie J.D. may be the Black girl YouTuber for you. On her channel, she shares her thoughts on the latest and greatest in film while doing her makeup.

Whether you enjoy horror movies or romantic comedies, Kennie J.D. has you covered. Not to mention, her makeup styles ranges from dark and vampy to colorful and bright.

Kennie J.D. also shares a number of wild storytimes on her channel as she gets glammed up. From her most embarrassing moments to her craziest Korean dating experience, this Black girl YouTuber is giving us the content we didn’t know we needed and more.

Kelly Stamps

Kelly Stamps is a popular Black girl YouTuber, known for her quick wit and hilarious views on life. Her enthusiasm for storytelling is demonstrated through her diverse collection of videos, each conveying a unique narrative. She covers topics such as minimalism, introversion, and the journey into adulthood with captivating and thought-provoking stories.

From deep dives into mental health to POV videos about dating in NYC, Kelly Stamps is a true gem when it comes to providing a hilarious, yet enchanting perspective on the highs and lows of life.