'Hitchhiking Lizard' Stows Away In Car From Florida To Massachusetts

The Animal Rescue League of Boston took in a “hitchhiking lizard” that stowed away for a ride from Florida to Massachusetts.

Video Transcript

- A resourceful, adventurous lizard that hitched a ride from Florida to Massachusetts is looking for a new home.

- The Animal Rescue League of Brewster says a person found this lizard in their car after driving home from Florida. They believe that the lizard got inside before they left. The brown anole lizard-- I think that's how it's pronounced-- is a non-native species to Massachusetts. The lizard was taken to a reptile rescue organization in Connecticut, and they're going to find it a proper home. Lisa, you are a lizard expert. I know this.

- I love that little lizard, but I am not allowed to have him.

- Why?

- Sadly. Uh--

- Long story.

- The edict has come down.

- OK.

- No lizard.