Hoboken Schools To Go Virtual For 3 Days In New Year Due To COVID

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HOBOKEN, NJ —The Hoboken school district announced Thursday that public schools will be remote from this coming Monday through Wednesday, Jan. 5.

The Jersey City schools made a similar announcement today, although they will be remote all next week.

Hoboken students had been sent home for winter break with rapid test kits, but "Based on the positive case numbers in our area, we will be shifting to the administration of PCR tests, as opposed to rapid tests, prior to returning to school," said Superintendent Christine Johnson in a message.

"This will provide us with adequate time for both testing and receiving results," she wrote. "We will reopen for onsite learning on Thursday, January 6th."

Both vaccinated and unvaccinated students will be tested at school sites, with some exceptions (such as students who've recently had covid).

"I know that this message may come as a relief to some and as a potential inconvenience to others," Johnson said. "However, please note that this is the best way to ensure that we are opening our school buildings without any unknown positive cases."

Thusfar, the district is still planning to hold a public information session in person on the upcoming referendum on the new high school project, with no streaming option, in the Hoboken High School auditorium Thursday, Jan. 6.

Last week, more than 600 Hoboken residents, or at least 1 percent of the population, tested positive for the virus, although hospitalizations remained level. READ MORE: 1 Out Of 100 Hoboken Residents Has COVID

The easily transmissible omicron variant is causing cases to ramp up, and the delta variant is still in play and is still causing hospitalizations and deaths.

In New Jersey right now, four hospital emergency rooms (including some pediatric) are on "divert status" due either to patient volume or staff being out sick.

Several other North Jersey schools have announced that they will start the new year remote, including Jersey City, and some are starting with early dismissal days.

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