'Making up for lost time': Mother Nature blanketing NJ with snow

The New Jersey Department of Transportation warned residents to avoid unnecessary travel Thursday as another blast of winter weather walloped the state.

Video Transcript

- While some of the snow has melted since our last storm, many cities still have snow piles laying around. So crews tonight were hard at work clearing out the old to get ready for a fresh round of flakes. Eyewitness News reporter Mike Marza shows us how they're preparing in Hoboken.

MIKE MARZA: To give you a reminder of just how much snow we have had in recent weeks, this is just a fraction of the snow that's been removed off the streets of Hoboken. And right now, it is more like a mountain of ice. And tonight, crews here are preparing for another blast of winter. 48 hours after winter weather triggered a transformer explosion-- so this is one of these--

- This is one of our storm emergency routes.

MIKE MARZA: Hoboken is getting ready again.

- We haven't had snow like this in the last, I think, six years.

MIKE MARZA: The city has already spent days clearing the tight streets, racing the train of storms.

- Right now, the biggest challenge we have is dealing with the snow that we have on the ground and maybe potential 6 to 8 inches on top of that.

MIKE MARZA: Nine plow trucks will hit the roads again at 5:00 AM for 12-hour shifts.

- The weather is just like, hey, why don't you just take all the snow that we didn't get the last few years?

MIKE MARZA: New Jersey issuing an advisory to stay off the roads, which the Metzgers are used to.

- A lot of TV, a lot of board games.

- What's your favorite game we play now?

- What did we just get? What's our new game?

- Monopoly Junior.

MIKE MARZA: They've been passing go and collecting a lot of dollars at the Delite Market liquor store, where business is up 40%.

- This year's probably been one of the best year for us, like, I mean, business-wise.

MIKE MARZA: A reflection perhaps of the cold and the quarantining, with visions of warmth washing over the city.

- You lay in here, and you think you're literally at the beach.

MIKE MARZA: Or planet. Planet Sun Tanning, where they say business is booming.

- You'd think it's not 'cause like winter. No, this is when everyone is trying to keep that color they had in the summer.

- Oh, a hundred percent, a hundred percent.

- Ah, hi.

MIKE MARZA: But the dog days of summer aren't here yet, just this 10-week-old puppy named Aria, inspired by the "Game of Thrones," who confirms winter isn't coming, it's here.

- This is crazy weather. Yeah.

MIKE MARZA: And the city of Hoboken has announced because of the winter weather, vaccine appointments and testing appointments are postponed for Thursday. In Hoboken, Mike Marza, Channel 7 Eyewitness News.