Hoda and Jenna debate sharing utensils with a partner: Whose side are you on?

Is feeding your partner a forkful of food in a restaurant a hygienic nightmare or romantic?

Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager came down clearly on either side of the debate on TODAY on June 9, leaving Hoda stunned at how much Jenna is grossed out by the practice of couples sharing food.

The two were talking about public displays of affection (PDA) when the topic of giving your partner a taste of food off your plate by sharing utensils came up.

"I think food-feeding is fine," Hoda said.

"Ewwww," Jenna responded.

Hoda mimicked offering Jenna some cake off her fork.

"Can't the person take their own fork and try to eat the cake?" a repulsed Jenna said.

"I'm shocked that's what you're saying right now," Hoda said.

The oral hygiene aspect of it makes Jenna squirm. She won't be re-enacting the "Lady and Tramp" spaghetti scene with her husband, Henry, any time soon.

"Saliva, no thank you," she said. "I just would rather take my own fork and have a bite. I don't know, that grosses me out."

"If Henry took a big piece of chocolate cake and said, 'Try it,'" Hoda said.

"He wouldn't," Jenna promptly answered.

Jenna then offered a hypothetical scenario.

"If you were on a date with a new person, and they took their (utensil) and tried to feed you," Jenna said.

"If he said, 'You want to try it?' and I didn't make a move for my fork, I would expect him to take his fork," Hoda said.

Jenna gave a queasy look in response.

"What is wrong with you?" Hoda laughed. "I'm so shocked."

"If you go on a date and somebody does that, I want you to call me and talk about how it feels," Jenna said.

The two also examined another aspect of PDA in a restaurant.

"I've kissed in a restaurant," Jenna said. "I feel like there's a difference between pecking, which is such a strange word, but whatever, as opposed to ..."

"... really kissing," Hoda said.

Hoda then shared that she once had a real PDA moment years ago.

"It was in a furniture store," she said. "It was really bad. I thought I was going to get fired from my job."

Jenna joked that she hoped it wasn't on a bed at a mattress store, but Hoda wasn't giving up any more details.

At least the two weren't sharing a fork.

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