Holly Springs Road closure begins Monday

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Flooding along Holly Springs Road whenever there is a good rain is an all too familiar scene for people in southern DeSoto County.

But now, there is a fix, and it may affect your drive.

A major detour is coming to Holly Springs Road on Monday. It will shut down the stretch between Johnston Road and Smith Road into the fall.

Even with a 17-mile detour and more money spent on gas, people who travel the road told FOX13 that the improvement will be worth it.

Over the years, FOX13 has reported on the flooding of Holly Springs Road multiple times.

The only thing the county has been able to do is to close some cattle gates across the road to keep drivers from driving into the floodwaters. That is until two years ago, when, with state, local, and federal funds, a massive project of 2.6 miles of raised roads and bridges was begun.

Monday, Holly Springs Road will be shut down between Johnston Road and Smith Road to finish the project.

That will add 17 miles to Cynthia Hayes’s commute, but she said she doesn’t really mind.

“Well, it’s gotta get done. The road floods out every time it gets to raining, and we have to go around then as well. So it’s a sacrifice we have to make for a while for it to get better. It’s long overdue,” Hayes said.

Everyone we talked to on Holly Springs Road said that the road closure would hurt initially, but the construction will help in the long term.

“They always have to shut the road anyway, so it would be nice,” Matt Hollowell of Hernando said.

Aizee Shaukat runs Smart’s Grocery on Holly Springs Road near Smith Road. He said the road being shut down for now would affect his business, but it has to be done.

“The road needs to be fixed definitely. It’s been going on for a few years,” Shaukat said.

The new road is being built elevated and out of the 100-year flood plain.

The county said the detour would be posted before the roadway is closed on Monday.

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