Hollywood PD Investigating Body Found In Burning Car As A Homicide

CBS4's Ted Scouten has more on the deadly discovery. Read more: https://cbsloc.al/2P5h0bO

Video Transcript

LAUREN PASTRANA: A disturbing discovery in Hollywood when emergency crews arrived on the scene of a burning vehicle only to be shocked at what they found. Cell phone video captured fierce flames coming from the sedan along Thomas Street. CBS4's Ted Scouten joins us in Hollywood with why police now say this was no accident.

TED SCOUTEN: Police are working a real mystery in this alley here in Hollywood. It was over and next to this fence where police found a burning car. And then things took a strange twist. There was a dead body inside.


Fire lights up a Hollywood alley about 7:00 Sunday morning. This VW was ablaze behind someone's home in an alley near North 23rd Avenue and Liberty Street.

- Me and my children ran to the back of the house and we seen that our house was on fire. So we opened the back gate and there was a car.

TED SCOUTEN: This woman does not want to be identified, but that car fire actually burned into the edges of her roof. It wasn't until the fire department extinguished the blaze and they realized that there was more at stake here. There was a body inside.

- We were already creeped out because there was a fire. And now, on top of that, you got a body that was in that car?

CHRISTIAN LATA: The crime scene was created. And right now it's an ongoing investigation to see what really transpired in that alley.


TED SCOUTEN: Hollywood police are trying to find answers in this strange case, like how did the car get here? How did it catch on fire? Was it a man or a woman inside? And how did the person in that burning car die? What do we know about the person inside?

CHRISTIAN LATA: We don't know anything about the person inside. So we're asking if anyone saw anything or if anyone knows anything to please come forward and let the Hollywood Police Department know.

TED SCOUTEN: For the family who lives just feet away from that fire, they're grateful that someone woke them up, allowing their family and home to be spared.

- It is actually really creepy because there was a fire started behind the house. On top of that, we were dead asleep. And if somebody didn't call the police quick enough, we would all been dead. And there's like four kids in this house.

TED SCOUTEN: If you have any information about this case, if you know who was inside that car or maybe saw something strange on Sunday morning, give Hollywood Police a call, or you can call Broward Crime Stoppers. That number is 954-493-TIPS. In Hollywood, Ted Scouten, CBS4 News.