Hollywood sign gets huge paint job

STORY: Hollywood's iconic sign is getting a facelift to mark its 100th anniversary

The nine-letter sign was last painted ten years ago

and needs redoing roughly every decade

(Jeff Zarrinnam, Hollywood sign trust chair)

“People don't realize that, you know, when you're standing at the sign, each letter is 45 feet high, the length of each letter. But they're actually also about 10 to 15 feet off the ground. Not all the letters, but on average. So some of these guys are up, you know, 60, 50 to 60 feet up in the air.”

The job will use around 400 gallons of paint and special rust-prohibitive primer

Five painters work daily, tackling two letters at a time

(Xabier Perez, painter)

“Yeah. I told my whole family, like. Oh, like, I mean, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be on TV, so. Yeah, well, they're pretty excited and I'm also excited and, I don't know, speechless, honestly, that they gave me this opportunity to work on this crazy Hollywood sign. It's amazing.”