Hollywood has failed Latinos for 100 years. Here's how to change that

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Illustration for Hollywood's Latino culture gap: Pictured is George Lopez from "The George Lopez Show," Richard Beymer and Natalie Wood in "West Side Story," Michelle Rodriguez in "Fast & Furious 6.", Gina Rodriguez in "Jane The Virgin," Rita Moreno with her Oscar in 1962 for her role in "West Side Story," Jennifer Lopez in "Selena," Cheech Marin from "Born in East LA," and America Ferrera from "Ugly Betty."
(Evan Solano / For The Times/Warner Bros. Television/MGM/Universal Pictures/The CW/AP/Warner Bros./Universal Pictures/ ABC)

"In the Heights," the rare big-budget Hollywood movie to tell a Latino story from Latino creators and a mostly Latino cast, just opened in theaters to rave reviews. At this milestone moment, we asked a team of Times journalists to examine the complicated history of Latinos in Hollywood and the actions being taken to increase their representation, which remains stubbornly low. Reporters also tackled murky questions about what kind of representation Latinos lack or seek, and how some of their personal ventures in the industry affected their view of it. Read on for a fascinating look at the Latino culture gap and why it matters.

This story originally appeared in Los Angeles Times.

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