Holmes vendors licenses

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News in Brief
News in Brief

Joseph Weaver, 5561 Township Road 606, Fredericksburg.

Paul R. Miller, 8530 County Road 245, Holmesville.

Aaron R. Mast, 3060 County Road 135, Millersburg.

David R. Miller, 2832 Township Road 7, Brinkhaven.

Robert D. Miller, 2457 Township Road 183, Baltic.

Joseph Mast, Hilly Acres Puppies, 3571 Township Road 124, Millersburg.

Susan Miller, 1573 U.S. Route 62, Wilmot.

Martin D. Miller, 1522 Township Road 106, Millersburg.

Jacob A. Miller, Brookside Goldens, 4326 Township Road 369, Millersburg.

Aaron D. Troyer, 6163 County Road 201, Millersburg, OH 44654.

Leroy L. Yoder, East Meadows Shepherds, 3210 Township Road 194, Sugarcreek.

Delbert W. Troyer, 1811 State Route 643, Sugarcreek.

Daniel A. Miller, 3177 Township Road 406, Millersburg.

Lewis Troyer, Lewis Troyer Horseshoeing, 2229 County Road 168, Dundee.

Aaron I. Miller,4469 County Road 229, Fredericksburg.

Matthew D. Mast, Mast Family Puppies, 2465 Township Road 152, Baltic.

David Miller, 4843 County Road 172, Sugarcreek.

Daniel A. Raber, 5438 Township Road 377, Millersburg,.

Aaron R. Coblentz, Aaron R. Coblentz Puppies, 6556 Township Road 350, Millersburg.

Robert M. Mast, 2385 County Road 70, Sugarcreek.

Leroy M. Miller, Sunset Acres, 6654 Township Road 331, Millersburg.

Sunset Yard Solutions, Sunset Yard Solutions, 8420 Township Road 611, Fredericksburg.

Abe A. Miller, Double A Kennel, 9275 Township Road 657, Dundee.

This article originally appeared on The Daily Record: List of Holmes County vendors licenses that have been issued

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