‘Holy hell!’ Watch an alligator in Florida snatch a boy’s catch — and his fishing pole

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Talk about your catch of the day, maybe lifetime.

A little boy fishing with his father in Florida in their Palm Coast backyard the other evening had quite the unforgettable experience.

In a video on dad Sean McMahon’s Facebook page uploaded on Sept. 30, you can see the child at the edge of a body of water reeling in a fish.

The fish was a bass, his dad explains in the caption that says: “Alligator Alert: Dawson caught a bass tonight and out of nowhere an alligator came up, ate the bass and ripped his pole into the water.”

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In the short clip, the boy is struggling to get a hold of his rod.

“It’s all right, buddy. Keep going,” says McMahon off camera.

Just as the boy manages to reel the flipping fish onto land, an alligator speeds in to the frame and snatches the catch in its large jaws.

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“Dad!” screams the boy as the alligator retreats into the water, taking the mouthful of fish, as well as the pole with it.

Commenters were duly surprised and horrified at the sight and relieved nothing happened to the child.

“Holy hell!”

“This will get your heart racing a little faster.”

“Alligators are ambush predators. This is what they do.”

“I‘m thanking God the little boy was not gator bait!”

Others warned about the risks you take while near any body of water in the Sunshine State, especially at that time of day:

“Careful with those sunset sessions man. Feeding time.”

“This could have ended very differently.”

“Where there is water here in Florida, there are alligators. Be very careful and cautious while fishing.”

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