Holy water returns to this Tennessee church with a COVID twist

The coronavirus pandemic has forced us to change most every aspect of our lives, including how we practice our faith.

Video Transcript

CRAIG DEMILLE: But just the idea of the holy water being president again is a comfort.

- It's called a touchless holy water dispenser, an invention born of necessity, and a welcome sight to Craig DeMille, a member of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church in Germantown.

CRAIG DEMILLE: Yeah. That's going to take a little education because people, when they first see them, will probably think it's a sanitation station rather than a holy water dispenser.

- With in-person services returning at OLPH, it was decided to discontinue the use of this large holy water fountain.

JOLLY SEBASTIAN: Normally, you put your finger in the holy water and make the sign of the cross.

- Leaving church members wondering how they would continue this act of faith.

JOLLY SEBASTIAN: Holy water is one of our traditions in the church. And people are so used to growing up with it. And people know that it's a powerful instrument in their spiritual life for protection and also their baptismal commitment. So they have been missing it.

- Father Jolly Sebastian ordered the dispensers online, calling the effort the work of the Holy Spirit and Google.

JOLLY SEBASTIAN: We looked into the website. And unfortunately, it was backordered. So we were delayed. My expectation was to bring it in during Easter time.

- He says it's a simple yet effective way of keeping people physically and spiritually healthy in the age of COVID.

JOLLY SEBASTIAN: That's what the pandemic taught us, finding new ways in every spectrum of our life. So this is going to be one of the new inventions of this pandemic time.