How home builders have handled the changing weather

ST. LOUIS – With a swing from cold, icy weather to rain and now warmer temperatures, home construction can be affected at times. McBride Homes workers told FOX 2 what they’ve had to endeavor with all the weather changes.

“We prepare for it, we plan for it, we have great processes in place to make it good for our homeowners, and we have a great trade-base and relationship with them so they make up times on weekends when they can work and make sure we’re always keeping to our schedule,” Aaron Windholz, vice president of sales at McBride Homes, said.

When it comes to constructing a home during the winter, the business still runs as usual but takes precautions in doing so, according to Windholz.

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“The safety of our employees, as well as our homeowners who want to visit the sites, is super important to us,” he said. “We do prepare with ice melt; we have companies that come out to clear our driveways to our display homes. We want to stay open for our customers at any time.”

A neighborhood filled with McBride homes in St. Charles is booming with new residents. That includes Blake Stephens, a resident of St. Charles who enjoys getting out of the house and walking around the neighborhood when the weather is nice.

“It’s a great neighborhood; we’re enjoying the outside,” Stephens said. “We’re just ready for it to warm up so we can get outside and do more activities.”

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