The Home Depot Is Selling a Massive Spider Decoration With Glowing Red Eyes for Halloween

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Photo credit: Home Accents Holiday
Photo credit: Home Accents Holiday

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When you think Halloween creatures, your mind probably goes to ghosts, skeletons, and monsters. But you know what’s equally as terrifying and something that exists in our everyday lives? Spiders. It’s not enough to have those little plastic ones scattered in your candy bowl, though. The Home Depot is making arachnophobes squirm with its 5.5-Foot-Tall Gargantuan Spider.

Not only is this hairy tarantula giant in height, it also stretches to over 9.3 feet in width. After all, it has eight huge, posable legs that will take up a whole lot of space. To bring it to life, the gargantuan arachnid has six light-up eyes and features volume-controlled hissing sounds to startle trick-or-treaters and passersby throughout October.

If this is the first time you’re hearing about this Halloween decoration, you may be surprised to find out that it has been around for years. The Home Depot sells it for $349 and highlights it as a Top Rated item. All you’ll need is two people, 45 minutes, and three AA batteries to put together the leggy beast.

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“This is our 4th Halloween we have used this spider. We have high winds and this spider has never toppled. I am considering purchasing a second spider. She's always a top attraction. Her size and detail always get a [reaction] from kids and parents alike,” one buyer wrote. “Would love for Home Depot to bring this prop back. I’d buy two more!” wrote another. Well, good news!

While not mandatory, we suggest picking up some fake spider webs to drape around the massive creature to put it in its element and really bring the fright. Don’t be surprised if you see people moving to the other side of the street to avoid those glowing red eyes.

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