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Home & Garden Show Week: A Preview Of The October Show

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Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show organizer John DeSantis joins us to talk about what's coming up at the next show coming up in October.

Video Transcript


- Welcome back. In previous years around this time, we would be coming to you live from the Pittsburgh Home & Garden Show. We love taking over there with our own PTL set. 10 days filled with more than 2,000 vendors at the David Lawrence Convention Center, showcasing everything you need for home repairs, renovation, and just really cool, fun stuff. This year of course, the show was postponed until fall because of COVID. But spoiler alert, Home & Garden Show Executive Director, John DeSantis joins us with a look ahead at what we can expect to see and do there this fall. And John, it is so good to see you.

JOHN DESANTIS: Heather, great to see you.

- I just told you, it's such a reminder because really the last time we saw you everything was shutting down. We had to leave our set that we had. The beautiful set that we had at the David L Lawrence Convention Center. So seeing you reminds me it's been a year.

JOHN DESANTIS: Well, it has been a year. But it's a crazy year for everybody, nobody's surprised by that.

- Yeah.

JOHN DESANTIS: The Home & Garden Show has pushed back to October this year. So at the beginning of October you'll be seeing that we're back and folks can come and visit us at the convention center. And then next March, we'll be doing the regular spring show of course. And we've announced that from this point forward, we'll be doing the Home & Garden Show twice a year.

- That's wonderful.

JOHN DESANTIS: October and March.

- So when we think October, we don't think gardening, we don't think getting out. Because we know that in Pittsburgh especially, kind of the end of the nice days is coming. So what do you expect to have for the fall show?

JOHN DESANTIS: The fall show will be focused on the inside of the house. So of course, furnishings, accessories, anything for the inside of the house. Also on energy, because it's the time of the year when we're thinking about the heating season coming up. And we'll be focusing on all those projects that you really need to get done before winter. Things like a leaky roof, or things like a basement that has some water. All of those kinds of things we'll be focusing on. Everybody has projects in the spring and summer, and then they have a whole different set of projects in the fall and in the winter. And we'll be focusing on those fall/winter projects in October.

- Well, I think it's unique. I mean, this is something that you guys haven't done before.

JOHN DESANTIS: That's right.

- And how many years has the Home & Garden Show been going on?

JOHN DESANTIS: Well, next spring we'll be celebrating our 40th anniversary.

- Wow.


- That's incredible. And has anything like this ever happened-- not a pandemic, necessarily-- but something that shut down the Home & Garden Show?

JOHN DESANTIS: No, nothing even close of course. And Heather, I should mention that for folks who have projects this spring and summer, the show buyer's guide is always up online. You can access all of the exhibitors who you would have seen at the show this month online at pghhome.com. Just go into the buyer's guide, put in the category that you're looking for. There they all are and you can click right on their website. It will take you right to all of those websites.

- That's great.

JOHN DESANTIS: It's a really good way to do your shopping. You can't do it at the show this year, unfortunately. But you can at least find all of those really good reliable contractors.

- Well, good resources too for folks. I know that the vendors were probably disappointed, you guys wanted to hopefully have a show this year.

JOHN DESANTIS: Oh, we intended to. Sure.

- But, I know that you're always up for a challenge. So does it give you ways to look for new vendors to bring them into the fall shows now?

JOHN DESANTIS: You know, it's interesting that you mention that. We have a lot of people who were planning to come into the show that we had to postpone until October, but who would have been the first-time vendors in the show. There were over 200 new vendors who would have been with us. And of course, along with all of the traditional vendors the folks are accustomed to seeing.

- Well, fingers crossed. We are looking forward to being there with you in October [INAUDIBLE]

JOHN DESANTIS: We will see you there. We will certainly.

- Well, back to you, John. It's always so good to see you.


- And you have been resilient through all of this.

JOHN DESANTIS: We all have been.

- Yes, we have. And our thanks to John DeSantis, and of course, we will have more at pittsburgalivetoday.com we'll link you up to some of those great resources. Thank you.

- All right.

- Back to you. It's a little bit warmer I think inside.

- Yeah, you look a little chilly out there. But nonetheless, good information. Thanks. Thanks to you both. Can't wait till October.