Home of NFL's Detroit Lions hosts vaccine clinic

The home of the NFL's Detroit Lions welcomed educators and school staff from southeast Michigan for a COVID-19 vaccine clinic (March 1)

Video Transcript

JEN MCCOLLUM: We are here today at Ford Field in Detroit. The Detroit Lions in partnership with Meyer are hosting a vaccine clinic for approximately 2,600 educators and school staff from throughout southeast Michigan.

KEVIN WOODARD: After a year of being in quarantine and worrying about catching it from walking into a restaurant or walking down the street or meeting a random stranger in a random place, it's nice to finally have the vaccination and some of that fear just naturally gonna go away.

- You're getting the Moderna.

DANA BERRY: Because I [INAUDIBLE] admire so much, I saw that you could sign up there. And then I was able to get an appointment, which you feel like you won the lottery if you get one.