Work From Home Pain Problems

Chiropractors are seeing a rise in people experiencing major aches and pains as they work from home.

Video Transcript

- Is working from home leading to an unintended back and neck pain epidemic? Chiropractors are now seeing a rise in people experiencing major aches and pains.

- CBS 13's Renee Santos is getting answers on what can be done to bring relief.

ANDREW WILLIAMS: So what's bothering you today?

RENEE SANTOS: It's back adjustment day for Diana Martinez, a realtor who works from home now more than ever.

DIANA MARTINEZ: I don't get up as much. I do tons of Zoom meetings.

RENEE SANTOS: The constant sitting is hurting her and [? Yung ?] [? Wagner, ?] a middle school social science teacher--

[? YUNG WAGNER: ?] Even now after teaching today I have this kind of kink in my neck.

RENEE SANTOS: --who's not moving around her classroom, instead teaching from home.

[? YUNG WAGNER: ?] I felt it pretty immediately.

RENEE SANTOS: Dr. Andrew Williams has seen a lot of people feeling sudden aches and pains in their lower back, neck, and shoulders.

ANDREW WILLIAMS: All kinds of different working at home injuries, just because they're sitting at their kitchen tables, they're standing at their counters.

- Sitting down, sitting on our hand and getting some stretches in.

RENEE SANTOS: Dr. [? Arnika ?] is going mobile, treating people at their homes.

- And my low back's been hurting for a while. My neck is nagging.

RENEE SANTOS: She's even treating more students.

- Some who are starting to experience symptoms that they never even had before.

RENEE SANTOS: The biggest issue both chiropractors say is people not moving as much. [? Nichelle ?] [? Burdick's ?] neck and shoulder pain became so bad she couldn't even grab a cup of coffee.

[? NICHELLE BURDICK: ?] --where I really was in so much pain I couldn't move my arm.

RENEE SANTOS: But there are easy things you can do to make working from home less of a pain, like taking small breaks to get up and moving, putting your computer at eye level, and--

ANDREW WILLIAMS: It's getting a separate mouse and keyboard.

RENEE SANTOS: Dr. Williams encourages even using a pillow to rest your elbows. All small fixes that can help in big ways. Changes [? Yung is ?] making with her work-from-home setup.

YUNG WAGNER: I think that's just gotta be the worst thing is to be in chronic pain, especially if you can do something about it. Like, we deserve it, you know. We have to take the time to do it.


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