Homeless Advocates Call On Baltimore City To Clean Up Encampments, Give More Resources, Support

At its fullest, the encampment under I-83 had as many as 100 people experiencing homelessness living inside it.

Video Transcript

- One of Baltimore city's homeless encampments has been cleaned up and cleared out. Ambrose Ramos speaks to advocates celebrating one less encampment in this city, who say there is still more work to be done.

- Somebody has got to fight.

- Taking up the fight for Baltimore City's homeless.

- People are on the street. They cannot fight for themselves. They are not in the place mentally.

- Marking the closure of this encampment under the I-83 bridge. At its fullest, 100 homeless people lived here.

CHRISTINA FLOWERS: You are talking about people living in the woods. You're talking about people living under bridges.

- Now that it's cleaned up, advocates say the work isn't done.

- We thank the city for doing their part. But they can do much more.

- Calling on city officials to keep the resources coming.

- We have to let the resources go to them.

- In a statement, the mayor's office of Homeless Services said, quote, "we know there is still much to be done to eliminate homelessness in Baltimore City. There are approximately 13 smaller encampments in the city down from 22 last month."

RODNEY MOORE: We are challenging the mayor's office of Homeless Services. Let's meet at the table to break bread. Let us come together. And make a model. Let us make this encampment a model of what can be done if we collectively come together.

- Annie Rose Ramos reporting for WJZ.