Homeless moms receive extra care downtown on this Mother's Day

Rosemary Tucker's Hoodies4Healing Foundation spent Sunday morning reaching out to some moms who may need help more than ever.

Video Transcript

- A local nonprofit is helping give back to those in need this Mother's Day.

- ABC13's TJ Parker joins us live downtown, where she's giving out hundreds of hot meals to women and moms in the homeless population. TJ.

TJ PARKER: Yeah. We are celebrating all mothers on this Mother's Day. This event behind me here, well underway. This is so special, guys. This organization, this local boutique is serving hot meals and giving gift bags out to the homeless down here in downtown Houston. They're making tacos, and you see they're handing out these pink gift bags. And inside those gift bags, there's bottled water, juice, masks, silverware, and containers. There is a line that stretches down Franklin Street here. We have been anticipating this all morning long.

Rosemary Tucker, who you see here in the blond she is passing out these gift bags here. She's been doing this since November 2020. We just talked with her. We're not going to bother her now, as she is busy. But we did talk with her moments ago. Take a listen to what she had to say.

ROSEMARY TUCKER: We're not out here to interrogate. We're not out here to ask questions. We're not out here to say, well, what happened? We're just out here to serve with a smile. That's it. No questions. Just serve everybody with a smile, a nice hot meal, drinks, juice, bags to put their food in. Trying to make their life easier, even if it's just for one day.

TJ PARKER: Wow. We love Rosemary. She is such a saint. The organizers down here, as well. You can these pink bags that they're handing out. Once again about 200, 250 people are going to be getting these pink bags as well as tacos here. They're making these really, really tasty tacos. So a lot of good things happening down here on this Mother's Day. Guys, we are celebrating all the moms here in Houston this morning.