Homeowner finds out guests took bed for a ‘test drive’ during open house: ‘I wish we had cameras’

A woman held a viewing of her house. When she got home, she couldn’t believe what the guests had done.

TikToker @fortdefiance wished she had cameras in her home to record what happened. Her home is for sale, so her agent hosted an open house. But the potential buyers were more interested in some of the furnishings than the home itself.

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“I wish we had cameras because I am seriously so curious about what happened in my house during this showing,” the caption read.

When she returned home after the showing, she explained that she went around the house to turn off the lights. Then, she noticed someone had gotten in the tub with their shoes on and left dirty footprints inside of it.

She had spent 25 minutes “painstakingly” cleaning it beforehand. The guests had also climbed into almost every bed in the home and sat on one of the couches.

“I didn’t get it on film, but they also tried to get snacks on the bottom pantry shelves, and a parent put them back higher up,” she added in the comment section.

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People found the video hilarious but not surprising.

“They really wanted to take it for a test drive huh,” someone commented.

“As a realtor, this is 100% on the showing agent to let their clients know what is/isn’t acceptable. Have your agent call their agent ASAP,” another said.

“What in the Goldilocks was going on?!” a TikToker replied.

“People in my house during showings literally peeled wallpaper off our walls,” a person said.

“When will ppl realize that showings are about the HOME and not the furniture in the home!” a user commented.

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