Homeowner shoots man trying to break into his car

The attempted break-in happened in the 2700 block of Vance Street near Jensen Drive overnight.

Video Transcript

- Police say a homeowner shot a man trying to break into his car in Northeast Houston. That investigation happening now at the 2700 block of Vance-- we're working to find out more information about what led up to this, how exactly it happened. We'll keep you posted with updates throughout this newscast.

- And also new this morning, a man is in the hospital after a shooting at a gas station in Northeast Houston. HPD got called to the gas station on Weaver near Lockwood about 11:30 last night to find a man with at least five gunshot wounds lying in the middle of the street. Police say witnesses told them it all started with a fight between the victim and another man.

- A Black male on foot that we found in the middle of the street was walking across the street. The other male pulled up next to him in a car, shot him several times, drove off.

- We are waiting to get an update from police on the victim's condition. So far, no one has been arrested.

- Well, the search continues for six-year-old Samuel Olsen. Sam went missing on Thursday when he was being looked after by a family member. His grandmother, Tanya Olsen, has full custody of Sam. She says his mother showed up with someone else who was claiming to be a police officer, and they took him.

- We're not even sure who took him, how it happened. We just know that the mother showed up with a police officer, and then we just found out the police officer wasn't real.

- Well, Sam was last seen on McAvoy Drive in Southwest Houston. He's missing his two bottom teeth. He also has both his ears pierced. If you have any information about where he may be, please contact Houston Police or Texas Equisearch.