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Homeowners Prepare For Ice Storm

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Prepare now or pay later. Ice melt is a hot item as homeowners get ready for the ice storm. Roofing companies say it's equally important for people to look up. CBS2's Christina Fan reports.

Video Transcript

KRISTINE JOHNSON: Clearing the snow and ice, it is a crucial step for homeowners before tonight's storm hits. Welcome back. I'm Kristine Johnson.

MAURICE DUBOIS: I'm Maurice DuBois. Prepare now or pay later. Ice melt is a hot item, as homeowners get ready.

KRISTINE JOHNSON: Yes it is. Roofing companies say that it's equally important for people to look up. CBS 2's Christina Fan has more on that.

CHRISTINA FAN: Crews with Deegan Roofing feverishly hammered away at gutters and roofs Monday, helping panicked homeowners break apart ice dams ahead of a massive ice storm.

JUN DEEGAN: That's pretty much why we're out here. We want to remove the snow and ice as fast as possible, so we don't allow that water to get inside.

CHRISTINA FAN: With freezing rain expected overnight, crews say clearing gutters of existing icy obstructions is critical so melting water in the coming days has somewhere to flow other than into your house, an expensive mistake homeowner Joe Ruzek now knows all about.

JOE RUZEK: It started slowly and then, you know, after like 10, 15 minutes, you know, it started coming down quick. So, you know, we-- we actually put some duct tape to stop it a little bit, and then, you know, it was dripping into the buckets.

CHRISTINA FAN: The impending ice storm is also expected to snapped tree limbs, weigh down power lines, and create slippery road conditions.

MARIA MATTESSICH: I came to buy the stuff for the-- to melt the ice.

CHRISTINA FAN: At Boulevard Hardware and Supply Company, we found Maria Mattessich looking for calcium chloride to pre-treat her driveway. Store manager Peter Murad says there's been so much snowfall this winter, he's out of snow blowers, generators, and is running low on other supplies.

PETER MURAD: Another thing that happens when the-- the temperature gets very, very cold is sometimes the pipes freeze. So we sell a lot of electric heaters.

CHRISTINA FAN: Another common result of ice storms-- power outages. Families are being asked to stock up on batteries, charge their cell phones, and also put together an emergency supply kit as a precaution. In Scotch Plains, New Jersey, Christina Fan, CBS2 News.

KRISTINE JOHNSON: Ice damming can cause water to seep into insulation, ceilings, and also walls, causing mold and mildew. Experts say icicles hanging from your roof can signal that one is forming.