Homeowners still reeling three years after Harvey

In the three years since Hurricane Harvey flooded large swaths of Houston, some residents say they feel angry and abandoned as their efforts to repair their damaged homes were bogged down by a city program they described as slow and bureaucratic. (Aug. 24)

Video Transcript

LAWRENCE HESTER: Edge of River Oaks, Midtown, people are getting brand new houses done. But we're not getting that kind of-- we're not getting that kind of support over on the Northeast side.


Well, we are going to enter into the house. And we have it in the living room. The city inspectors came here. They said they wasn't coming back in because the mold-- the odor of mold was so-- so bad in here.


JULIA ORDUNA: People are dealing with, not only physically living in decrepit houses, but the mental anguish of waking up every morning and seeing the state of your house. That takes a toll on you.

LLOYD NELMS: I was frustrated with the city. At times I thought I wanted to sell it and be done with it. At times I've wanted to give up. But how do you give up?

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