Homestead Girl With Brain Cancer Gets Furever Companion Thanks To Make-a-Wish

Rain Pierre named her furever friend Splash.

Video Transcript

- Now at 6:00, today is the day an eight-year-old girl and her family will not soon forget. Her wish for a new puppy granted by the Make A Wish Foundation. It's a wish that comes amid a struggle against brain cancer. CBS 4 photojournalist Rafael Murciano introduces you to Rain and her new best friend.

RICHARD KELLY: Yeah, Rain is getting a dog. And Crew, as he's named right now, will be her forever friend. And we're in the business of creating memories for Wish kids and their families, and we're creating another one today. And it's a really great thing to see.

Yeah, Crew's a full-sized labradoodle. You can tell by the big paws that that's going to be a big dog. But it's the symbol of what the dog has become for Rain, and that is a companion. And a lot of our Wish kids need that, and Rain needs that. And that's what she's getting today.


LIONEL PIERRE: This is hopefully a whole bunch of joyful moments. And that's what really matters. So she's going to have a dedicated friend in the home with her 24/7. So hopefully, this just means a whole bunch of fun and laughter and joy. This gives her something to take care of, something to be responsible for, as well as her own personal friend, which is going to be about for her. So I think she's going to really appreciate it.

RICHARD KELLY: The companionship is what is so heartwarming about this wish. And she'll have Crew forever.

- Are you a dog person?


- OK, yeah, she's a dog person.