Hometown residents 'excited' by Harris inauguration

Oakland residents are quietly celebrating the inauguration of Vice President Kamala Harris. Harris was born in Oakland, and she made history Wednesday as the first Black woman and person of South Asian descent to hold the office. (Jan. 20)

Video Transcript

NIKKI LACY: For me, working in schools, working with Black people, working with kids from Oakland, this is very profound, being able to have her as an example to share with my students, letting them know that anything is possible, and the opportunities are endless.

AUSTIN CARRINGTON SCOTT: And so, I've known Kamala since I was literally born. Her sister, Maya Harris, is my godmother, so ever since I was little, I've known Vice President Harris now, to call her. But so, yeah, I grew up, she's pretty much like my auntie, and no, for her to be Vice president now has just been such a journey.

MINJON LENOIR: I've been really excited to have, you know, a woman in office and a woman of color in office, so I think it's a great day for everybody. Children are at home watching it on the web. Schools are doing programs around it today, so I think it's, you know, a monument to stay for Oakland, for Howard, for women of color. That's why we're excited. Like I said, my daughters are part Filipino and part African-American, so to have an Asian and Black woman in the White House today, my kids are Asian and Black, it's really exciting.

GARRY HALL: Having gone to college with her and knowing her, I've been a benefactor of a lot of her campaigns, I'm extremely excited. I think she will do a phenomenal job in that role, and having her at the table with Joe Biden, again, I'm inspired by where the country is going to go under their leadership.