Homophobic Nun Freaks Out, Stops Models From Kissing During Photoshoot

Italian nun separates kissing models
Italian nun separates kissing models

This nun is here to remind you that Pride Month is OVER!

A video shared by model Serena de Ferrari went viral this week for featuring an Italian nun separating two girls from kissing during a photoshoot for Not Yet Magazine.

In the video, Ferrari and fellow model Kyshan Wilson were taking a picture kissing each other. Out of nowhere, a nun came into the shot screaming and immediately separating the two girls. The nun then went on to explain the absurdity of this scene to the people around them who were working on the photoshoot.

Given that this was clearly a much older lady with firm religious beliefs, all that the models and photoshoot staffers could do was listen to the nun speak and laugh it off. The models were clearly taken aback by the interruption but ultimately found it to be quite hilarious.

“When you go viral but not for something good...,” the publication wrote in the caption. As expected, the internet is having a blast with this situation, and the video has already gone completely viral in Italy.

On her Instagram Stories, Ferrari shared a meme suggesting that the nun was calling her shoes “demonic” – not the kiss.

Nuns will nun, so this isn’t exactly all that surprising. Still, it was a pretty funny moment to capture in a video that was otherwise about a fashion photoshoot.

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