Honda transmission plant in Georgia takes first steps to electric vehicles

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May 21—A Honda transmission plant in Tallapoosa, Ga., is taking on new responsibilities as Honda takes its first steps in electrifying its vehicle lineup. This includes producing the two-motor hybrid system used in the Accord Hybrid, CR-V Hybrid and Insight.

The transmission plant in Georgia, formerly called Honda Precision Parts of Georgia (HPPG), began production with 5-speed automatic transmissions and added 6-speed automatic transmissions in 2012. In 2017, the plant added a second assembly line, taking on a new responsibility as the first Honda plant in the world to produce Honda's 10-speed automatic transmission (10AT). Earlier this year, the plant began replacing its original production line to increase production of the 10AT.

"Our Honda plants in Georgia and Ohio represent a transmission powerhouse in America, creating advanced technology components that help power Honda and Acura products for our customers," said Gerald Bruch, vice president, Honda Development and Manufacturing of America, LLC (HDMA). "We look forward to continued innovation that serves our customers and the communities where our associates live and work."

In July, Honda's first dedicated U.S. transmission plant, located in Russells Point, Ohio, will mark its 25th anniversary. Honda has manufactured more than 21 million transmissions in America since starting production of automatic transmissions in Ohio in 1989.

Honda began transmission production in the U.S. at Honda's Anna Engine Plant in Ohio, in 1989. In 1996, the transmission manufacturing lines were relocated from the Anna Engine plant to a wholly owned Honda supplier (Bellemar Parts Industries) in Russells Point, Ohio. In 1997, Bellemar was incorporated as Honda Transmission of America.

Both Honda transmission plant locations were combined this spring under one new company, named Honda Development & Manufacturing of America, LLC (HDMA), which includes all Honda automobile manufacturing facilities in the U.S. related to frame, engine, transmission and related engineering and purchasing operations.

Honda's transmission plant in Georgia began operations in May 2006 and is one of two Honda automobile transmission plants in the U.S. and one of 12 major Honda manufacturing facilities operating in America.

Employing more than 500 associates, the Tallapoosa, Ga., plant is Honda's lead global facility for production of the company's 10-speed automatic transmission for various Honda and Acura models, with cumulative production soon to surpass four million units, using domestic and globally sourced parts.