Hong Kong weekend of Molotov cocktails, tear gas

Protesters in Hong Kong threw bricks at police and Molotov cocktails on Sunday (September 15), capping another weekend of violence in the city.

Police responded with water cannon and tear gas.

The protests are in their fourth month.

The withdrawal of the controversial Chinese extradition bill that sparked the civil unrest hasn't stopped it.

Instead, it morphed into broader demonstrations against Beijing - and erosion of the island's autonomy.

The protesters are also pleading for help from the West.

One group assembled outside Hong Kong's British consulate.

Authority over Hong Kong was handed to Beijing from British colonial rule in 1997, under an agreement that allowed the island to keep many freedoms not available on the mainland.

The British government says that China is legally bound to uphold its end of the treaty but it's unclear how the UK can enforce it.