Honolulu Fire Department airlifts man, 65, who fainted on Koko Crater Trail

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May 30—A 65-year-old man who fainted on the Koko Crater Trail this morning was airlifted by the Honolulu Fire Department to Koko Head District Park.

Firefighters received a call at around 7 :15 a.m. about a man who had lost consciousness due to exhaustion on the trail. Firefighters walked the trail to the 800-foot mark and made contact with the man at around 7 :40 a.m.

HFD said the 65-year-old and his 27-year-old daughter were visiting Honolulu, and while running up the trail, he "felt dizzy, sat down to rest, and lost consciousness for a few minutes."

After a medical assessment, firefighters helped the hikers to the top of the trail, where HFD's Air 1 was able to land. Both were then transported to a landing zone at Koko Head District Park.

Patient care was transferred to the Honolulu Emergency Medical Services at just after 8 a.m.

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