Hope Hicks Is Back as a 'Senior Counselor' to President Trump

Hunter DeRensis

The White House announced today that Hope Hicks will be returning to the administration as an aide to Jared Kushner and senior counselor to President Trump. This is after an almost two-year absence where she worked as an executive vice president and chief communications officer at Fox News. Hicks is expected to start in March.

Prior to 2015, Hicks had no experience in politics. She performed public relations for Ivanka Trump’s fashion line and promoted Trump-brand resorts. Then, in January of that year, she was ushered into Donald Trump’s office, one floor up from her workspace in Trump Tower. “Mr. Trump looked at me and said, ‘I’m thinking about running for president, and you’re going to be my press secretary. I think it’s ‘the year of the outsider.’ It helps to have people with outsider perspective,’” Hicks recalled to New York magazine in 2016.

Hicks served as press secretary for the remainder of Trump’s successful campaign, acting as a gatekeeper for media requests. In August 2017, she filled a vacuum to become the White House Director of Communications, a position she departed In March 2018.

“She was unassailable in terms of her relationship with the president; and no one even tried,” an official told Jonathan Swan of Axios at the time. “She’s one of the very few people here that you could say without fail had the best interests of the president at heart. She was a true believer, not an ideologue, but a true believer in Donald Trump.”

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