Hope for Violent Movies and Corsets: The Week in Pop-Culture Writing

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How John Wick Restored My Faith in Violent Movies Stephanie Zacharek | The Village Voice "Every lunge, every rapid-fire spin, every kick to the ribs, every last-ditch swerve to dodge a bullet has a reason for existing—each is a small event, leading to another and yet another, with perhaps just a few ticks of a second in between."

I Attempted to Train My Waist With a Corset Rebecca Harrington | The Cut "I decide to buy the same corset as Kim and Khloé because I like to do things thoroughly. It’s just my nature."

Why 2014 Is The Best Year Ever To Be A Teenage Girl Caroline Moss | Business Insider "If you’re a 14-year-old girl with an internet connection, it’s a beautiful time to be alive."

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The Exacting, Expansive Mind of Christopher Nolan Gideon Lewis-Kraus | The New York Times Magazine "Nolan’s work is crowded with substitute and alternate fathers, reliable men of wry composure amid the noise and unreality."

The Best Roger Angell | The New Yorker "Watching Bumgarner is like feeling an expertly administered epidural nip in between a couple of vertebrae and deliver bliss: it’s a gliding, almost eventless slide through the innings, with accumulating fly-ball outs and low-count K’s marking the passing scenery."

Free to Go Mina Kines | ESPN Magazine "The worst day of his life was Nov. 21, 2013. That morning, Devonta Pollard walked into a courthouse in Jackson, Mississippi. The 19-year-old, once a top basketball recruit who seemed destined for the NBA, had barely slept the night before."

The Curse of Crash: The Narratives That Doom Oscar Movies Mark Harris | Grantland "There is an enduring story about the Academy Awards Best Picture race that goes like this: The best picture never wins."

A Few Billion Dollars, Over 400 NBA Players, and the One Woman Who Can Bring Them Together Khalid Saleem | Esquire "'My past is littered with the bones of men who were foolish enough to think that I was someone they could sleep on.'"

Why I'm Dreading the New Slate of Superhero Movies Todd VanDerWerff | Vox "Marvel is doing nothing if not making a huge, exciting TV show that we tune into every few months."

Is Taylor Swift's Navel the Tesseract, and Other Deep Questions About 1989 Carl Wilson | Slate "Swift is not very compelled by her navel as the yogic source of interior insight. She only cares that it’s the diaphragm zone a singer needs to project from. Swift is interested in impact."

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