Hopelessly stuck deer heard complaining as Georgia man tries helping it, video shows

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A deer got stuck in a metal fence near Atlanta, and the resulting rescue video proves deer can complain loudly if they’re in the mood.

It’s a sound not unlike the baa of sheep, but combined with the rasp of a heavy smoker.

The video was posted Nov. 23 by Georgia’s Department of Natural Resources, and it shows the deer got itself wedged between two wrought iron fence pickets — with its face in the dirt and its butt in the air.

As undignified as that sounds, the rescue was equally embarrassing.

Matt Leo, an Urban Wildlife Program technician, had to grab the deer by the butt and tug it out. That’s what was happening when the deer started complaining.

“When you picture a face-off between a deer and a fence, its likely you imagine the deer jumping over it,” DNR officials wrote on Facebook.

“Most of the time, that is the case. There are cases, however, where the deer opts to shove itself through the fence posts, forgetting that its hips are wider than its shoulders.”

The deer had made things worse by continuing to push once it got stuck.

As a result, Leo had to use ratchet straps to try spreading the fence pickets farther apart.

The video, which has been viewed more than 55,000 times, hints the deer suspected he was trying to help. It stopped struggling early on and didn’t kick Leo with its hind legs, despite having a perfect opportunity.

Still, it did not hesitate to bolt once Leo succeeded in pulling it out.

Hundreds have reacted to the video, posted on Facebook, with most expressing sympathy for the deer’s awkward predicament.

“Poor thing. ... That’s the first time I’ve ever heard a deer make that noise,” Jenna Morrell posted. “All this time I thought they only puffed and huffed so I just learned something.”

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