Horn’s True Value in Sayre to shut down for good

SAYRE, Pa. (WETM) — Horn’s True Value, a beloved hardware store valley residents have shopped at for 112 years, will be closing its doors for good after a major retirement sale, the business announced on Monday.

Starting Thursday, Feb. 15 at 8 a.m., Horn’s True Value will start its final sale, a retirement sale, designed to get right of everything inside the store. In a letter given out to special customers, the sale will run from Thursday to Wednesday, Feb. 21.

The letter mentioned that the owner, Bernie Duggan, has decided to close the store and retire after being a part of the fourth generation to run the business. Bernie’s wife Karen was the soul of the store, with the letter saying that for more than 50 years she put everything into making the business a pillar of the community.

With her recent passing, Bernie decided to close up shop.

“Well the wife and I had been discussing retirement, and now’s the time to do it,” he said on Monday.

The store was closed on Monday, with large stickers on the front glass telling customers that a liquidation and retirement sale would be happening and that the store wouldn’t be open until Thursday.

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Duggan said that they’ll be taking the next couple of days to get ready to sell everything inside the store. The letter states that prices on all items will be cut, with even the store fixtures and equipment will be for sale.

Outside the store, car after car pulled up to check out as to why the business was closed on a Monday. Cars would pull into the parking lot to read the signs before driving away.

Joe Carnrite, a resident of the valley, stopped and spoke from his car about how sad he was that the store was going away and what impacts the closing would have on the local economy.

“What’s the economy gonna do,” he said while shaking his head, “I’ve seen this coming, but I hoped it wasn’t going to be as soon as it is now, and it’s terrible…it’s really terrible,” he said, describing how the closure of not just Horn’s True Value, but the recent announcement that Ted Clark’s Busy Market will be closing at the end of February, is impacting the area.

A wave of emotions was felt by the different people in each car that pulled into the parking lot on Monday, giving a small example of how much small businesses mean to a community.

“It’s a big surprise to me,” said Larry Hoey, another valley resident, when asked about the store’s closing, “I’m very sorry because this has been a monument in our valley for so long,” he said. “Bernie and Karen ran a beautiful business here and of course, Karen’s parents prior to Bernie working the store also, but for the valley this is a major loss to us.”

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Hoey and numerous others offered their condolences to Duggan and the family after learning about the passing of his wife, and the closing of the store.

Back inside, Duggan spoke about how much the support has meant to him and his wife over the years.

“Well we would like to thank everybody for their continued support throughout the years,” Duggan said, “we’ve tried to give it our best shot, and like I say, we thank you very much and really appreciate it,” he said.

An official closing date wasn’t mentioned, but the letter did say that they would be closing for good in a few short weeks.

The store will be open every day until closing starting Thursday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the weekdays and 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

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