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Venus Australis

We’re tempted to take more risks this Sunday when seductive Venus opposes transformative Pluto. Instead of acting on your impulses, talk out your fantasies when the Sun conjuncts a retrograde Mercury on Sunday. This conjunction offers us a little break from the messenger’s backward motion, helping us to connect with others and explore our creative sides. Our hearts open more freely on Sunday, as the Moon wanes in Pisces until Monday morning at 6:02 a.m. EST. We’re ready to stand up for what we believe in on Monday when the Sun enters charismatic Leo. Draw on the inner lessons that Cancer season brought you and go forward into the week with courage. Consider what lies on the other side of your fears and embrace your power. The Moon wanes into fiery Aries at 6:02 a.m. EST on Monday morning, inspiring us to take action in finishing up old projects until Wednesday at 10:47 a.m. EST. On Wednesday, compliments paid will go a long way as Mercury retrograde conjuncts with Venus. If you’ve been working to break down some emotional barriers, take a look into your shared history and find common ground. It’s a brilliant day to build up your relationships on a more meaningful level. Perfect your follow-through while the Moon wanes in Taurus from 5:42 p.m. EST on Wednesday evening until early Saturday morning at 12:27 a.m. EST. Our focus sharpens when the Moon illuminates this hard-working sign, so make the most of its influence in the last few days of the week. Action planet Mars trines a retrograde Jupiter on Thursday, putting us in the mood to challenge each other and support each other’s ambitions. It’s a great day to get started on your latest passion project or challenge your friends to a friendly game of cards. On Saturday, charming Venus leaves intuitive Cancer and makes her way into the passionate sign of Leo. The planet of love and beauty helps us command attention in the way that we carry ourselves and dress. We’re insistent on fact-finding on Saturday morning as of 2:28 a.m. EST, when the Moon wanes in Gemini. Instead of pressing others for the information you seek, look inward to yourself for direction.

March 21 to April 19

Sunday is anything but a lazy day for you, Aries. The Sun, your personal planet of entertainment and creativity conjuncts Mercury, your health and work ruler, helping you find fun in productivity. Follow your bliss on Monday, when the Sun lights up your 5th house of creativity, pleasure, and romance. You’re ready to take on any challenge that comes your way when the Moon, your domestic ruler, wanes in Aries at 6:02 a.m. EST. Harness this positive energy by putting your can-do spirit to work. It’s time for you to ramp down on your projects so that you can get started on bigger and better things until Wednesday morning at 10:47 a.m. EST. Mercury, your personal planet of well-being, conjuncts Venus, your planetary ruler of love, helping you to invest your time in self-love. Get in tune with your body and prioritize your needs. If you want to heat up your next make-out session, take the lead and show off your best snogging skills. Are you ready for a new adventure? Start planning your next rendezvous on Thursday, when your ruling planet, Mars, trines Jupiter, your personal planet of expansion and travel. Sensual Venus encourages you to be fearless in love on Saturday, as she enters the charming sign of Leo. Venus also rules your financial zone, which could burn a hole in your pocket as she tours this majestic sign. Find ways to build yourself up, and budget accordingly so that you don’t get caught off-guard.

Celia Jacobs.

April 20 to May 20

In the mood to mix up your space, Taurus? The Sun, your domestic ruler, conjuncts money-minded Mercury on Sunday, giving you cost-effective ideas to improve your home. Hit up yard sales or Amazon’s hidden gems to focus on saving while Mercury, your financial ruler, moves retrograde. Let the challenge of a shoe-string budget inspire your creativity and find your home design persona. Pour your energy into creating harmony into your dwelling on Monday when the Sun makes his way into your 4th house of family, instincts, and foundations. Prioritize your closest relationships and get comfortable with saying “no.” It’s time for you to put your needs first, sweet Bull. Invest in yourself on Wednesday when your financial ruler, Mercury, conjuncts with Venus, your personal planet of well-being. Switch up your regular grocery store run by avoiding the center aisles, where pre-packaged foods live. Instead, buy fresh ingredients in small batches, and experiment with new recipes that save you time. The Moon blesses you with a sense of peace on Wednesday night when she wanes in Taurus at 5:42 p.m. EST. Work hard and focus on your goals while the Moon inhabits your sign until 12:27 a.m. EST on Saturday morning. You’ve got a new spring in your step on Saturday, when Venus, your planetary ruler of health and work, enters proud Leo. Show off a little — you deserve the recognition.


May 21 to June 20

Home is your number one destination this Sunday, Gemini. Gather your strength for the week ahead as the Sun conjuncts Mercury, your domestic ruler. Search for lost things, prepare for the week ahead, and enjoy stillness while the messenger planet moves in reverse. You’ll be ready for a change of pace on Monday when the Sun lights up your 3rd house of communication, thought, and community. You’ve been given a little edge over Mercury retrograde, as the Sun sharpens your quick wit this week. Get ahead of the curve: organize your inbox, catch up on your correspondence, and reach out to acquaintances you’ve meant to reconnect with. Work to make your space a little more magical on Wednesday, when Mercury, your personal planet of home and family, conjuncts charming Venus. The romantic atmosphere that you build at home will inspire you to take a chance on love on Thursday when fearless Mars trines Jupiter, your love ruler. Instead of meeting up for drinks, get out of your comfort zone, and invite that special someone to embark on a summer adventure. Review your finances on the weekend while the Moon, your money ruler, wanes in Gemini onwards from Saturday after 2:28 a.m. EST. You’re ready to catch small details that can help you create a healthier financial future.

Amber Vittoria.

June 21 to July 22

How do you evaluate your worth, Cancer? Put this abstract concept into perspective and think about your talents with your most basic needs. Meditate on your idea of worth and value, when your financial ruler, the Sun, conjuncts Mercury, your planetary ruler of inner growth. Your focus becomes more deeply ingrained in material matters as the Sun lights up your 2nd house of finances, values, and possessions on Monday. Take a closer look at your spending while the Sun moves through this house, and consider what no longer serves you. Investigate where you can trim the fat, and what financial goals you’d like to achieve. Now is the time to be conscious of your habits and how they affect your personal happiness in the long run. This is a wonderful opportunity to step out of your usual routine and make important edits. Seize the opportunity to improve your work-life on Thursday when Mars, your personal planet of career, trines Jupiter, your planetary ruler of well-being. Set boundaries with your coworkers, and escape the office with a walk during your lunch hour. Indulge yourself at home on Saturday, when your domestic ruler Venus makes her way into the regal sign of Leo.

Ariel Davis.

July 23 to August 22

Keep your cool, Leo. Your family could offer some unsolicited advice regarding your professional choices on Sunday. Venus, your personal planet of career opposes Pluto, your domestic ruler. Remember that their concerns come from a place of love, and try to take advice graciously while these planets are at odds. The Sun, your ruling planet conjuncts Mercury, your money ruler on Sunday, boosting your intuition towards finances. It’s a good day to consider your value — is it time that you asked for a raise? Your confidence is renewed on Monday as we begin Leo season. The Sun shines his light on your 1st house of self, first impressions, and appearance, boosting your mood and helping you to get comfortable in your own skin. Take a fashion risk and have fun with your summer style, as only a Leo can. You’re oozing wealth on Wednesday when Mercury, your financial ruler, conjuncts Venus, your career planet. Give your desk a deep clean and treat yourself to a happy little plant to keep your spirits high. Consider how your work makes you feel while professional Venus spends her last week in the sensitive sign of Cancer. Get ready to work towards conquering your goals on Saturday, when she enters courageous Leo.

Lynnie Z.

August 23 to September 22

Are you getting enough credit, Virgo? You may be craving a little recognition for your efforts on Sunday when the Sun conjuncts your career ruler Mercury. Be ready to stand up for your accomplishments and celebrate your team’s efforts. You’re ready to break away from socializing and partying on Monday when the Sun enters your 12th house of inner growth, vulnerability, and conclusion. Your focus shifts towards developing your spiritual side — take time to get away from unnecessary distractions. Pay attention to your opportunities on Wednesday when Mercury, your planetary ruler of career, conjuncts money-minded Venus. If you’ve been looking to move up in your field, you could be presented with options that offer you more financial freedom. Don’t be afraid to talk yourself up during this lucky transit. If you’ve been romance-starved, circle Thursday in your calendar as a day to heat things up in the bedroom. Mars, your personal planet of sex, trines domestic Jupiter, helping to enchant the object of your affection. Venus, your financial ruler, emboldens you to make brave decisions with cash as of Saturday when she moves into charismatic Leo.

Simone Noronha.

September 23 to October 22

All work and no play will make anyone dull, Libra. Get ready to start socializing on Monday, when the Sun shifts his gaze from your 10th house of career to your 11th house of groups, friendships, and goals. Reconnect with friends and make plans to hit the beach in style. The world is your oyster on Wednesday, when your ruling planet Venus conjuncts Mercury, your planetary ruler of inner growth and good luck. Treat yourself to something special, and keep the good vibes flowing with a random act of kindness. You could be ready to get serious with someone new on Thursday when your romantic ruler Mars trines Jupiter, your planetary ruler of communication. If you’re in a relationship, take the time to enjoy an impromptu date night or get creative in the kitchen. Ruling Venus makes a major change in your attitude on Saturday as she enters irresistible Leo. Embrace your inner royal and carry yourself with pride while Venus moves through this sign.

Sarah Mazzeti.

October 23 to November 21

Your analytical mind never stops moving, Scorpio. Make notes about your ideas on Sunday while the Sun, your personal career planet, conjuncts quick-thinking Mercury. The messenger planet is currently moving backward, helping you to look at your challenges from a new perspective. On Monday, the Sun enters your 10th house of career, structure, and public image, helping you to get your ideas off the ground and seek support from your network. You’re a hot commodity this week, so strategize accordingly. Work on your online presence, and if you’re on the hunt for work, brush up your LinkedIn and online resumes to increase your chances of catching an employer’s eye. Mars, your personal planet of health and work, trines Jupiter, your financial ruler on Thursday encouraging you to stretch your dollars a little further. Pick up a workout routine that’s easy on your wallet and makes you feel great. This is a great day to start a workout challenge and stay focused. On Saturday your personal planet of love,Venus, speeds into the passionate sign of Leo. Enjoy taking the lead in your romantic relationships while she moves through this confident sign.

Kelsey Wrotten.

November 22 to December 21

Are you having an “Ah-Ha!” moment, Sagittarius? The Sun conjuncts Mercury on Sunday, bringing you a small revelation. The messenger planet helps to guide both your love life and your career, so keep an open mind as you navigate the day. Take time to process any new information that comes your way before making any major decisions while Mercury moves retrograde. You’re ready for the Sun to light up your 9th house of exploration, adventure, and belief on Monday, considering it’s your favorite house. Make a list of the places that you’d like to travel, or opt for a more laid back getaway at a lake house this summer. Feed your mind while the Sun moves through this house and get reading recommendations while you unplug. Quiet your mind on Wednesday, when your love and career ruler Mercury conjuncts Venus, your personal planet of well-being. As a fire sign, you’re used to constantly being on the go — relax and try to slow down to find harmony in your romantic and professional relationships. Don’t second guess your decisions on Thursday when feisty Mars trines your ruling planet Jupiter. On Saturday, your personal planet of health and work Venus, move into poised Leo. Adopt a minimalist look that keeps you fresh and breezy on your commute to work, and you’ll be ready to take on whatever comes your way.

Kissi Ussuki.

December 22 to January 19

You’ve got the recipe for success, Capricorn. If you’d like to operate on auto-pilot this week, spend Sunday preparing your meals and outfits ahead of time while the Sun conjuncts Mercury, your personal planet of health and work. You’ll be glad for a sense of structure on Monday when the Sun illuminates your 8th house of transformation, mystery, and dramatic change. It could be time for you to let go of old ways of thinking that no longer serve you. Instead of relying solely on yourself, reach out to loved ones when you need support. Take note of your wins on Wednesday when your personal planet of well-being, Mercury, conjuncts Venus, your planetary ruler of career. Replenish yourself at home on Thursday, when your domestic ruler Mars trines Jupiter, your planetary ruler of inner growth. Make a conscious effort to unplug and take a digital detox. On Saturday, professional Venus inspires you to take on more leadership at work as she makes her way into Leo. If you’re interested in leveling up, spend a little time this weekend researching what you need to make the next step count in your career.

Loveis Wise.

January 20 to February 18

You’ve been building up your strength this summer, Aquarius. Instead of soldiering on alone, use it to help support your network on Monday, when the Sun, your planetary ruler of love, lights your 7th house of partnerships, contracts, and business. Make time to get together with people whom you admire and spitball on your wildest ideas. There’s a chance that you could connect with someone that could help you to make creative magic with. On Wednesday, messenger Mercury conjuncts Venus, your planetary ruler of home and family, helping you to find serenity at home. Don’t hold yourself back on Thursday, when action planet Mars trines lucky Jupiter — it’s time to bring your fantasies to reality. Bounce your ideas off your colleagues and friends to help yourself think out loud. Prioritize your space as of Saturday, when Venus, your domestic planet, enters charismatic Leo. Take time to frame old prints, remove useless junk, and tackle small jobs that make your home sparkle.

Hilda Palafox.

February 19 to March 20

You often wear your emotions on your sleeve, Pisces. Embrace your openness on Sunday when the Moon, your planetary ruler of creativity and love, wanes in your sign until early Monday at 6:02 a.m. EST. The rest of the zodiac will be on the same wavelength, making it easier to understand each other’s feelings. Focus on creating a safe space in your home on Sunday when the Sun, your planetary ruler of health and work, conjuncts a retrograde Mercury, your domestic ruler. When the messenger planet moves in reverse, he often brings things and people from the past with him. Set boundaries for yourself to protect your happiness. The Sun moves to enhance your well-being as of Monday when he enters your 6th house of health, order, and service. It’s time for you to fixate your energy on building routines that support your physical being, and sticking to a schedule. Reassess your value at work on Thursday, when Mars, your personal planet of finances trines Jupiter, your career ruler. Jump on the chance to inquire about a raise or the chance to climb the ranks at work. Push your fear aside and take note of what you need to make your next move.

Rachel Jo.

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