Your Horoscope This Week

Venus Australis

A romantic day for all is had at home on Sunday when sensual Venus sextiles responsible Saturn. This is a gorgeous time to get your house in order, reconnect with loved ones and reset for the week ahead. The Moon wanes in sensitive Cancer until Monday at 8:39 a.m. EST when she reaches her third quarter. We’re in the mood to wrap things up during this moon phase — but it’s important to remember that while the finish line is in sight, we need to keep moving forward. We’re ready to relax a little on Monday when sweet Venus trines dreamy Neptune. This transit lends us a more laid back attitude, and a talent for artistic expression. We’re feeling just a little needy on Monday when the Moon wanes into showy Leo at 12:28 p.m. EST. Blow off some of this emotional steam by expressing your inner entertainer. The Sun moves into the strategic sign of Scorpio on Wednesday, helping us to hone our approach to achieving our goals. The Moon wanes through exacting Virgo at 3:29 p.m., helping us to fact check and fine-tune our actions. We’re ready to heat things up in the bedroom on Friday as romantic Venus sextiles transformative Pluto. Make sure that everyone’s on the same page as this transit can push boundaries. The Moon wanes into friendly Libra on Friday at 4:19 p.m. EST, encouraging us to reach out to our besties and let loose in style. 

March 21 to April 19

Take a step back and look at the bigger picture, Aries. Your love and money ruler, Venus, sextiles professional Saturn on Sunday, helping you to reprioritize your goals. It’s time for you to re-evaluate your image of prosperity, and what happiness looks like. Your domestic ruler, the Moon, wanes into her 3rd quarter on Monday at 8:39 a.m. EST, creating stop-start energy. Be patient and avoid knee-jerk reactions with loved ones during this finicky transit. You’re ready to shake off your worries on Monday when material Venus trines spiritual Neptune. It’s time to switch gears on Wednesday as your creative ruler, the Sun, brightens your 8th house of transformation, mystery, and dramatic change. Are you looking for inspiration? Try new routines, investigate hidden paths, and immerse yourself in unfamiliar territory. CELIA JACOBS.

April 20 to May 20

Feed your mind, Taurus. You’re focused on self-development on Sunday when ruling Venus sextiles intelligent Saturn. Wellness-minded Venus trines dreamy Neptune on Monday, inspiring you to seek out more ethereal and unconventional methods of self-care. Link up with friends during this positive transit to share insights that will help you to create healthier routines. On Wednesday, the Sun enters your 7th house of partnerships, contracts, and business. During this transit, your shining domestic ruler seeks to elevate and enrich your relationships. If you’ve been looking to get beyond surface-level conversations with your collaborators, why not get to know them better off the clock? You could tap into some brilliant ideas as you think outside of the box together. It’s easy to get into a romantic mood on Friday when ruling Venus sextiles love planet Pluto. If you’re single, this could be the perfect moment to make the first move. Attached Bulls should enjoy this sweet transit by indulging in a decadent date night. CACHETEJACK.

May 21 to June 20

Measure twice and cut once, Gemini. You can combat anxiety with information on Monday when your financial ruler, the Moon, enters her third quarter at 8:39 a.m. EST. Press pause and consider what your career is doing to satisfy your needs on Monday when material Venus trines professional Neptune. Are you heading the direction that you intended? Do you need help to recenter yourself? Take note of your accomplishments, and update your resume to help boost your confidence — it could help you get noticed for an exciting opportunity. Your goals are refocused on Wednesday when the Sun lights your 6th house of health, order, and service. It’s time for you to prioritize your well-being.AMBER VITTORIA.

June 21 to July 22

Opening up your heart is easy, Cancer. You’re ready to welcome loved ones into your safe space on Sunday when domestic Venus sextiles romantic Saturn. Enjoy reconnecting with your partner, or inviting a new person into your life as these planets complement each other. An air or urgency approaches on Monday at 8:39 a.m. EST, when the ruling Moon wanes into her 3rd quarter in Cancer. Practice patience and fight the urge to act without preparation during this transit. You’ll be able to relax when homey Venus trines lucky Neptune on Monday. Things will fall into place when you embrace a calm attitude. On Wednesday, you’re in the mood to be pampered when the money-minded Sun illuminates your 5th house of creativity, pleasure and romance. Entertain at home on Friday when Venus sextiles pleasure seeking-Pluto.ARIEL DAVIS.

July 23 to August 22

In the mood to get organized, Leo? You’re ready to optimize your week on Sunday, when Career-minded Venus sextiles Saturn, your wellness ruler. Plan your outfits, prep your lunches and set the week ahead up for success. Saving time at the start of the week will allow you to tap into your imagination more easily on Monday, when professional Venus trines dreamy Neptune. Your loved ones take center stage starting Wednesday, when the ruling Sun brightens your 4th house of family, instincts, and foundations. The coming days will help you to re-invest in your space to support your well-being. Turn to family for advice and support on Friday, when material Venus sextiles domestic Pluto. LYNNIE Z.

August 23 to September 22

Ready to enjoy the finer things in life, Virgo? You’re ready to immerse yourself in a little retail therapy on Sunday, when money-minded Venus sextiles pleasure-seeking Saturn. Avoid going overboard and over-spending by making educated purchasing decisions, and don’t skimp on quality. If you’re in a relationship, you may feel like speaking in the love language of gifts when 
Material Venus trines romantic Neptune on Monday. Single Virgos may feel inclined to invest in self-care or a new sex toy to help recenter themselves. Your mind and words sharpen starting Wednesday, when the Sun moves into your 3rd house of communication, thought, and community. Now is the time to expand your social circle — muster up your courage and introduce yourself to people that inspire you. Start a new group chat and celebrate your friendships.  SIMONE NORONHA.

September 23 to October 22

It’s time to get nesting, Libra. You’re ready to inject a little personality into your space on Sunday when ruling Venus sextiles domestic Saturn. If you share your space with others, make sure they’re on board with your big ideas before you make any purchases or irreversible changes. Analyze emotions that arise at the office on Monday. Your career ruler, the Moon, wanes into her third quarter in sensitive Cancer at 8:39 a.m. EST. You may feel like things aren’t moving quickly enough — have patience. Let your thoughts turn to improve your well-being while ruling Venus trines wellness-minded Neptune on Monday. Your mind turns to more material matters on Wednesday when the Sun lights up your 2nd house of finances, values, and possessions. You’re blessed with a sharpened intuition for your finances on Friday, when ruling Venus sextiles your money ruler Pluto. SARAH MAZZETI.

October 23 to November 21

Is it time for you to create healthier boundaries, Scorpio? Love ruler Venus sextiles practical Saturn on Sunday, inspiring you to add a little more structure to your relationships. After setting some ground rules, you’re ready to kick back with your sweetheart on Monday, when romantic Venus trines dreamy Neptune. The spotlight shines brightly on your accomplishments starting Wednesday, when the Sun enters into your 1st house of self, first impressions, and appearance. Use this time to polish your professional image, on and offline. Sweet Venus sextiles ruling Pluto on Friday, encouraging you to take your current romantic partnerships to the next level, or channel your energy into a sex marathon. One thing’s for certain, you won’t be couch-locked. KELSEY WROTTEN.

November 22 to December 21

Has anyone ever accused you of being frivolous, Sagittarius? They simply don’t understand your forward-thinking approach to self-care. Indulge in earthly pleasures that raise up your energy on Sunday, when wellness-minded Venus sextiles Saturn, your financial ruler. Sensual Venus trines domestic Neptune on Monday, helping you to optimize your space to suit your needs. Think of your home as a cocoon that’ll help you transcend into your next state of being. A cozy space will help you to transform as the Sun brightens your 12th house of inner growth, vulnerability and conclusion. If it feels like nothing is happening, have faith. On Friday, Venus sextiles spiritual Pluto, syncing your outer changes to your inner growth.  KISSI USSUKI.

December 22 to January 19

Take a moment to clear your mind, Capricorn. Check in with yourself on Sunday, as career-minded Venus sextiles ruling Saturn. It could be an opportune time for you to re-adjust your five-year plan, make time for volunteering, or even take on a mentor. Accept emotions that arrive on Monday at 8:39 a.m. EST when the Moon, your love ruler, wanes into her third quarter. She’s inhabiting emotional Cancer, bringing up feelings that you may have unknowingly pushed away. Professional Venus trines your communication ruler Neptune on Monday, helping you to come across loud and clear. Use this collaborative energy to bring attention to your goals and be ready to ask for help. Get ready to start socializing on Wednesday, when the Sun illuminates your 11th house of groups, friendships and goals. Reach out to old friends and make time to reconnect. This is an opportunity to reinvigorate yourself. LOVEIS WISE.

January 20 to February 18

Retreat to your safe spaces, Aquarius. You’ll find that achieving inner growth is easier when you invest time at home on Sunday, as domestic Venus sextiles Saturn, your spiritual ruler. Take time to revisit old memories, and reflect on how much you’ve grown. Record your feelings and add to your diary to enrich this experience. Your attention refocuses towards your professional journey starting Wednesday when the Sun moves into your 10th house of career, structure, and public image. Home-loving Venus sextiles transformative Pluto on Friday, encouraging you to take a new look at your surroundings. Consider how you’d like to optimize your space as these planets complement each other.


February 19 to March 20

Feeling a little stuck, Pisces? Take this uncomfortable moment as a blessing — you’ve got the opportunity to change your thinking. The Moon, your creative ruler, wanes into her 3rd quarter in sensitive Cancer at 8:39 a.m. EST on Monday. The mood lightens on Monday when material Venus trines ruling Neptune. It’s a brilliant day to let someone know how you feel or experiment with your artistic side. You’re inspired to explore the world starting on Wednesday when the Sun moves into your 9th house of exploration, adventure, and belief. It’s time to cash in on those vacation days — plan a getaway during this favorable transit. The Sun rules your health and work zones... could an opportunity to work or study abroad be on your radar? Explore every possibility.RACHEL JO.

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