Woman charged with attempted murder after horror video of commuter pushed into train in random attack in NYC

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A woman has been charged with attempted murder after she allegedly pushed another woman into a moving subway train in New York.

The seemingly unprovoked attack happened on Monday at the Times Square-42 St station at around 8am. The 42-year-old victim was on the northbound 1,2,3 platform when she was pushed by another passenger into the path of a train pulling into the station.

Surveillance footage shows a woman in a blue and white bandana wait until the number one train arrives before quickly getting up from a bench and forcefully shoving the woman in front of her into the oncoming train.

The woman did not fall onto the track, which would have likely been fatal, instead, she slammed into the side of the train and was rushed to hospital after suffering serious injuries to her face and legs.

No words were exchanged between the victim and the suspect before the incident, video shows.

Anthonia Egregbara, 29, from Queens, New York, was arrested over the incident, according to NBC New York.

“People are wicked to be able to push someone on a moving train, and for what? I don’t know, but it’s horrible,” passenger CJ Stewart told CBS news.

The NYPD released footage of the incident to help identify the woman in the bandana, who fled the scene. With the description that she is presumed to be in her 20s or 30s, wearing black sneakers, beige pants, and a black sweater, the authorities were able to bring a suspect into custody on Tuesday.

“It’s terrifying. Usually, I try to stand back, I try to stand far from the edge of the train. Often, I’m with my kids, so I’m very safe,” said Brooklyn resident Erin O’Hara to CBS.

The number of subway pushings in New York are up from last year, with 20 recorded so far, compared with 17 last year.

Hours later police responded to reports of gunfire at the same subway station, although the cases do not appear to be connected.

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