Horsemeat lasagna recalled in Sweden

STOCKHOLM (AP) -- Frozen-food company Findus is recalling beef lasagna meals in Sweden after tests confirmed the products contained horsemeat.

The move follows a similar recall earlier this week in Britain amid a widening scandal surrounding the use of horsemeat and the mislabeling of meat products in Europe.

Henrik Nyberg, product manager for Findus in the Nordics countries, said about 20,000 frozen lasagna meals are being recalled in Sweden.

Nyberg told The Associated Press that the products don't pose any food safety risk, and were recalled solely because they had been mislabeled.

Though eating horsemeat is not generally a health risk, the incidents have triggered disgust in Britain and Ireland, where horsemeat is not traditionally eaten.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said Friday that the growing scandal over beef products containing horsemeat is "completely unacceptable" and must be addressed.

Cameron's remarks from Brussels on Friday — where he is attending the European Union budget talks — came after it emerged that tests on Findus lasagna showed the meals contained between 60 and 100 percent horsemeat.

Cameron acknowledged there is "great public concern" around the "very shocking" issue, saying "people will be very angry to find out they have been eating horse when they thought they were eating beef."

The British leader said his country's secretary of state for agriculture is speaking with ministers and will meet with Britain's Food Standards Agency because "this does need to be dealt with."

In addition, officers from Scotland Yard have met with the Food Standards Agency over the horse meat scandal, but there is currently no official police investigation, the force said.