Hospital in bomb shelter awaits injured Ukrainians

STORY: In Ukraine’s Kyiv region, a temporary medical facility inside a bomb shelter is helping Ukrainians injured above ground as Russian forces pummel the capital.

Mattresses lie on the floor of a dimly lit space with exposed pipes, and surgeon Olexander Reznikov has a team of volunteer medical workers ready to care for any victims brought their way.

"We have set up a field hospital where, in these military field conditions, we can receive fighters, the wounded, provide first aid, stop bleeding, dress wounds. I have trained paramedics to assist me as well as undergraduate medical students who are well-adapted, who are not afraid and know what to do."

A veterinary medical student pointed to beds set up for 25 patients, whom she said will feel totally safe and comfortable underground.

She said the medical team is well-equipped to help those in need:

"Here we have everything needed for human resuscitation and more - first aid medication, like antibiotics, adrenaline - everything that is needed. Syringes, antiseptics, antibiotics - we have everything. Dressing stuff as well."

As staff prepared for an influx of patients, at least five people were killed in the bombardments on Kyiv on the 20th day of the Russian assault, according to authorities.