Hospital Staff Cheer as COVID-19 Patient Recovers From Intensive Care in Alabama

A full corridor of hospital staff cheered and applauded a COVID-19 patient who had recovered from intensive care in an Alabama hospital on April 8.

Tony Thornton, 48, was admitted to the hospital on March 20 and put on a ventilator at the East Alabama Medical Center. He was taken off the ventilator on April 5 and on April 8 was given a parade for getting through his treatment while being moved to a regular hospital room.

According to the hospital, Thornton said: "I am still weak, but feeling pretty good. I talked to my wife for the first time and that was wonderful.”

There were 395,011 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States on April 8, with 2197 of those cases reported in Alabama. At least 12,754 had died from the virus. Credit: East Alabama Medical Center via Storyful