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Hospitality Industry Looking To Fill Open Positions As COVID Restrictions Loosen

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As business picks up at restaurants and entertainment venues, the demand for jobs is also on the rise. WBZ-TV's Paul Burton reports.

Video Transcript

DAVID WADE: Companies all over Massachusetts are getting ready to go on a hiring spree. The job market is improving here, and really across the country. Good evening to you. I'm David Wade.

PAULA EVAN: And I'm Paula Evan. The number of jobs added in the past month nearly doubled February's number. The Labor Department says 916,000 new jobs were filled in March. The majority of those jobs were in the hospitality industry, education, and construction. And as WBZ's Paul Burton shows us, there are still plenty of jobs to be filled.

PAUL BURTON: As business picks up at restaurants and entertainment venues, the demand for jobs is also on the rise.

CHARLES BELANGER: We're looking to hire people yesterday.

PAUL BURTON: Charles Belanger is the general manager of Evviva Trattoria. He says he needs workers now.

CHARLES BELANGER: We're looking for every position, front of the house and back of the house. Servers, dishwashers, line cooks, chefs.

PAUL BURTON: On Friday, the Bureau of Labor reported that the American economy added 916,000 jobs in the month of March. Former Boston mayor Marty Walsh, now US labor secretary, says this is good news for families and those who work in the hospitality industry.

MARTY WALSH: A lot of our restaurants are starting to reopen and open across the country. But they're not there yet.

PAUL BURTON: Boston College economics professor Bob Murphy says as restrictions loosen up and more people get vaccinated, the busier the economy will become.

BOB MURPHY: The forecasts that I've seen out there, about half a million jobs each month going forward for the next year. And you know, if we do that, that'll bring us back to just around where we were before the pandemic.

PAUL BURTON: Here in Marlborough, a job fair is actually taking place on Saturday from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Six companies, offering more than 1,000 different job opportunities for those who are unemployed, including here at Apex Entertainment.

NICK BERTUZZI: We need to fill servers, bartenders, food runners, attractions attendants, go-kart marshals.

PAUL BURTON: Nick Bertuzzi of Apex Entertainment says folks who come to the job fair could easily walk away with a job on the spot.

NICK BERTUZZI: There's definitely a lot to do in this building, and there's a lot of different positions to fill.

PAUL BURTON: Restaurants, hotels, and entertainment venues, sectors hit hard by the pandemic, now stand to benefit most.

CHARLES BELANGER: We're looking for anybody.

PAUL BURTON: If they can just find workers to fill these positions.

In Marlborough, I'm Paul Burton, WBZ News.