Hospitals packed as Calif. nears 2 mil virus cases

Hospitals across Southern California are dealing with waves of new COVID-19 patients after the Thanksgiving holiday and now expect many more because of family gatherings during the Christmas season. (Dec. 23)

Video Transcript

JENNY CARRILLO: Earlier in our surge back in July when we were at our highest, we are more than double that census now.

We are concerned that if people are gathering that maybe we will see the surge in cases. And then, of course, after the surge in cases comes the surge in hospitalizations in the next two to three weeks.

It's frustrating when you're in it for, let's say, your 12-hour day, and then you go home or you see people out not maybe adhering to some of the guidelines. Or maybe it hasn't impacted them personally, so they don't believe that it's real or as bad. And that's really frustrating because every day I see-- I look into the eyes of someone who's struggling to breathe, who's struggling to, you know, get well. They want to be home with their family.

JIM KEANY: So our biggest challenge is just taking care of all these patients. You know, on any given day, most emergency departments are already bursting at the seams. And so my concern is really resources. Are we going to have the resources to take care of our community?