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    Every week since this started the peak is supposed to be the following week. I actually work at a hospital and we are under capacity would 174 patients on a 224 bed hospital. The other hospital in town is laying off workers because they don't have enough patient the parking lot is empty. there has been a white tent in their parking lot for the last 3 weeks now to help with the surge of patients that have never come.
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    I drive by two hospitals on may way to and from work everyday. They are no busier than usual. No lines or pandemonium. I took it upon myself to walk in to the ER of the biggest hospital in Orlando. Two people in the lobby. One was a kid with a leg injury. The other was an older couple. Neither were in distress.
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    We have been "peaking" for about 4 weeks now. They have been saying that the "peak" will be "next week". In Chicago, all of the hospitals have tents outside in front of the ER but there are no patients there. The 3,000 beds at McCormick place convention center are all empty. I am not complaining, this is a good thing. But if Illinois has been under lockdown since March 16 shouldn't any cases that were going to peak have shown up by now?
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    Ninja Pig
    How is yahoo preparing for the peak? By everyday scaring the public into thinking the peak is going to happen the very next day. Then the very next day. Then the very next day. Then the very next day. See a pattern?
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    by hiding all the COVID-19 supplies from the feds if they're smart
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    How are hospitals preparing? Avoiding Don the Con
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    Urinate On Liberals and Yahoo
    Yahoo News Explains! Is a warning for a fictional story!
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    Chinese Virus
    Cutting staff to make room for patients???
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    the pandemic is a scam to lock us down into a more authoritarian world order - it was planned for many years and even contemplated a pandemic to achieve the quarantines and curfews they need
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    Trump: "We have everything under control. It will be over by April." Has ANYONE in history been responsible for more American deaths?