host Wanda Sykes dryly mocks Trump: 'We don't know which Hitler' he was praising

Comedian Wanda Sykes is guest-hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live this week, and on Tuesday night's show she started a rumor that Kimmel — who is on vacation — is really in rehab. On Wednesday's Kimmel Live, she elaborated on her prank, joking that the drug he is addicted to is steroids. "Jimmy, we're sending our best to you and your scrunched-up roid nuts," she deadpanned.

One of her guests Wednesday night was a 16-year-old with an enormous mouth, Sykes said. "Speaking of big-mouthed kids, Donald Trump — remember him? Well, you're not gonna believe this, but he said something crazy. According to a new tell-all book, back in 2019 Trump told his chief of staff, and I quote, 'Hitler did a lot of good things.'" She gave him some side-eye. "Now to be fair, we don't know which Hitler Trump was talking about — could've been Steve Hitler," Sykes joked. "C'mon, 'Hitler did a lot of good things'? Hitler only did one good thing: He killed Hitler."

Sykes also jumped into the political divide in COVID-19 vaccinations, suggesting it threw into doubt the Republican Party's "pro-life" claims. "Less that half the country is fully vaccinated, which is ridiculous," she said. "Basically, dying from COVID in America at this point is optional. It's like getting gored at the running of the bulls. You get a horn up your a--, that's on you." Staff writer Louis Virtel also shared his many thoughts on the "tacky" LGBTQ pride sofas showcased at Ikea Canada, and you can watch that below.

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