Hostage shot in St. Regis standoff, suspect then killed by deputies

Mar. 18—Authorities shot and killed a male after they allege he shot a hostage Saturday in the area of the St. Regis Travel Center off Interstate 90 in St. Regis, Montana, KHQ reported.

A post on the Mineral County Sheriff's Office Facebook page advised St. Regis residents of a suspected armed robber and that shots were fired in the small unincorporated town about 125 miles southeast of Spokane. The post told residents to stay inside and lock their doors.

The sheriff's office updated the post about two hours later saying residents were safe and more information will be provided. A third post asked residents to avoid the travel center area because of the crime scene.

Undersheriff Wayne Cashman said Shoshone County Sheriff's Office deputies in Idaho chased armed robbery suspects to the Idaho-Montana border, according to KHQ. Mineral County sheriff's deputies found the car involved in the chase abandoned.

One of the suspects took a hostage. After a standoff, the suspect shot the hostage. Cashman said deputies then shot and killed the suspect, KHQ reported.

The hostage was taken to a Missoula hospital while another suspect was arrested.

No other information was available.