Hot And Getting Hotter

The high will be around 92 on Friday. Then 96 on Saturday.

Video Transcript

SCOTT PADGETT: Here in North Texas, we definitely wanted to try to cool down a bit, maybe on some of the area lakes, because it was a hot day today because of the humidity. Fort Worth Skycam, the time lapse shows we had a couple of clouds dotting the sky as we went into the evening hours, catching the sunset. It was a beautiful sunset for us tonight, and now we're still seeing temperatures that are pretty mild.

As you look at the satellite and radar combined, really no clouds in the sky for tonight. We might see some clouds start to work back in, some stratus clouds, for tomorrow morning, but they won't last all day long. We'll have another day where we have plenty of sunshine and really warm temperatures. 92 was the high today, and that's where we're supposed to be for this time of year, 1 degree above the average of 91.

But the morning temperature of 77, well above the average low of 71. Now, you can see at Texas Motor Speedway, still a very breezy night tonight. We've seen winds gusting up to near 25 miles per hour through the day. Still seeing a south southeast wind at DFW around 10 miles per hour. 84 is our current temperature with a dew point of 72. So it still feels like the low 90s.

All of our temperatures right now are in the upper 70s to the low 80s holding on for us, and the dew points still sitting in the mid 70s to the low 70s. That will continue as we go through tonight and into tomorrow. So expect more of the same on the way. So as we talk about that heat index, it's also known as the apparent temperature. We are going to be taking that where you have the temperature and relative humidity together.

That allows the heat index to really be calculated. Temps, 96. Dewpoint, 74. The heat index will be 107. So that's why there is a heat advisory in Young and Stephens County for tomorrow until 8 o'clock for temperatures that are going to be feeling like maybe 107. Now, tomorrow we're at 92. Saturday and Sunday, the humidity goes down but the temperatures go up.

So still that feels like temperature in the triple digits. Then, Ken, next week, a couple of weak cool fronts arriving for us. We'll see, then, partly cloudy skies to mostly sunny skies. Small little rain chances on the way. You're watching CBS11 [? News and ?] [? watching ?] Texas weather. We'll be right back.