Hot North Texas Evenings Are Back

Temps don't dip back into the 80s on Thursday until 8:00 p.m.

Video Transcript

- Some early risers-- stargazers were treated to an amazing show in the sky. A ring of fire eclipse was visible in the northern hemisphere. This is from Canada. This happens when the moon passes between the Earth and the sun, but it keeps the distance-- it keeps it from blocking out the sun's light completely, creating kind of those glowing edges that you see. It really is pretty to see that and pretty incredible. Unfortunately, in Texas, we were not able to see that.

- It was too far away, number one, so we weren't in the path of that, Brooke, and then also we had clouds this morning. So we were just out of luck. And it was a sunrise solar eclipse, and I think the next one that happens is in 2078 or something along those lines-- yeah, something along those lines. So yeah, you'd have to wait a few more years for that to happen.

As you take a look, this morning, cloud cover was here for us. But then, as we went through the late morning hours into the afternoon, those clouds cleared out and we just continue to sweat.

The humidity is in place. You can see the satellite and radar combined showing that we have just a little bit of that cloud cover here and there-- our major reporting stations right now all showing the upper 80s to the low 90s. So no big deal-- we've been there before. This is where we're supposed to be in mid-June-- almost coming up to mid-June-- but when you factor in humidity, it feels like about 100 in Denton right now to 100 in Granbury, even though the actual temperature is 93.

So that's what we're seeing across a lot of North Texas-- upper 80s to the low 90s. But even in some spots further out to the west-- Breckenridge one of those spots-- feeling like 106, Wichita Falls right now feeling like 110.

So we are dealing with those dangerous feels-like temperatures, and we have a southerly wind happening for us near 10 to 15. That's allowing us to see that Gulf moisture continue to just really work its way up here to North Texas, keeping our dew points in the low to the mid-70s.

But on top of that, we're not only getting moisture from the Gulf. We're getting it from the ground because of all of the rain. We're seeing a lot of evaporation happening, and it keeps the air muggy. We're not gonna see any actual 100-degree days until the ground dries out a whole lot more.

So it's kind of a tradeoff. When we see the ground really dry out, then we get those actual temperatures up to near 100 degrees. Now, we're not there, but it definitely feels like 100 or higher. And there is a heat advisory in effect for Young and Stephens County until 8 o'clock tomorrow. It was extended until tomorrow because of that heat index value-- what it feels like-- up to near 107 degrees.

So let's talk about that a little bit more. It's also known as the apparent temperature for you, so what it feels like to your body as you're out there. Usually, the heat index is calculated by the temperature and the relative humidity together. If the temperature is 96, dew point's 74, heat in-- heat index, that is-- will be 107 degrees. And this is taken in the shade, so not even in the direct sunlight.

So the next few hours, if you're outside, we're gonna be feeling like 100 degrees to 101-- down to about 85, the actual temperature, by 9:00. Tomorrow, I expect 76 degrees warming up to 92 to 93, feeling like 99 to 100 to 101. This heat will continue as we have this heat dome kind of building its way on in, so prepared for a number of days where it just gets even hotter-- 96 Saturday and Sunday, Brooke, small rain chances Monday and Tuesday, but we remain in the 90s through next week.