Hotel Revival Partners With Black Owned Businesses After Cultural Development

"More coffee, more life” is just the beginning of the unique experience for patrons at Hotel Revival.

Video Transcript

- Well tonight, we are taking an inside steaming look at the hot new creation in Mount Vernon paying homage to Black owned businesses.

- Hotel Revivals partnership have a new brand in place. All local, and it all started to give businesses a big boost of course during the hardships of the pandemic.

- WJZ live at 5:00 Max McGee showing us this unique experience and what they're offering. Hey Max.

MAX MCGEE: Hi, guys. Welcome to the Dashery at Hotel Revival. This place just opened up last week. But look, this place has everything you need in terms of coffee, snacks, treats, whatever. But there's a story behind every cup. Take a look. Poured coffee, poured light is this the beginning of the unique experience for patrons at Hotel Revival.

With the emphasis on local, it's given to you in every mug. Bubbling with pride, Black Acres Roastery is the latest partner handing guests a coffee experience few in the country have seen. In room, pour over coffee, a rising trend in the industry.

- Here in Baltimore, we want that to be something that's easily accessible for everyone, no matter where you live in the city. And if you're coming to Hotel Revival, you'll get that experience from their hotel rooms all the way down to their cafe.

MAX MCGEE: Every cop tells a story, with blends from Brazil and Ethiopia. It's subletting space out of Mobtown Brewery in Canton, before their own unique home is open one day.

- It's not only just an experience just for the Black population from Baltimore, but for everyone that comes here. So that they can have an experience that has been created by a Black coffee roaster.

MAX MCGEE: The focus is small business and quality. The Dashery Cafe inside the hotel is home to it, replacing Square Meal, the full service restaurant that was there before. Other local partnerships include Crust By Mack and White Tea. With Black anchors added in the mix, this is a brew you'll want to catch while it's hot or cold. OK, don't be surprised if you see Black Acres Roastery in a store near you. They're set to open up in 50 stores across the East Coast, including Trader Joe's. We're live at 5:30 tonight. Max McGee for WJZ.