Hotel security guard in Germany assaults Ukrainian soldier for wearing his uniform

Beaten Ukrainian military in Germany
Beaten Ukrainian military in Germany

The diplomat said that the Ukrainian serviceman was admitted to hospital with a broken jaw and concussion. He needs surgery.

According to Kostiuk, the consulate will provide the victim with the necessary legal and other assistance.

“According to our information, on Friday evening, our serviceman entered the hotel bar in uniform. After several remarks by the hotel staff and security regarding (the inappropriateness of) his dress, there was a verbal altercation, and then a fight after an attempt by the security (from the Caucasus) to kick out our soldier,” Kostiuk said.

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“As a result of the incident, our citizen suffered a fractured jaw and concussion. The police have recorded this fact,” the consul general said, adding that the police will be able to provide more detailed information on March 13.

“On March 13, the consulate will help our citizen with translation in preparation for the jaw surgery, which is scheduled for March 14. The next step will be help with filing a police report and finding a lawyer,” Kostiuk added.

The diplomatic mission also said that they will try to get video footage from the bar where the incident took place from the police.

Currently, the consulate is clarifying all the norms of the legislation of the two countries regarding the wearing of military uniforms by Ukrainian servicemen abroad and visiting similar institutions there.

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According to the consul general’s preliminary information, in Germany, a special permit must be obtained to wear a military uniform off duty.

For foreigners, however, it is allowed during joint training, internships and in other cases stipulated by a separate bilateral agreement. Ukraine has not signed such an agreement, however.

In the Facebook group Ukrainians in Frankfurt am Main, it is noted that the conflict took place in the Roomers hotel, and the attacker was a 23-year-old Chechen.

Furthermore, the Ukrainians who live there noted that among the injuries of the Ukrainian soldier were a broken nose, damaged teeth and numerous bruises.

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