These are some of the hottest spots ever recorded on Earth

STORY: “This is like stepping into an oven.”

Extreme heat is on the rise across the world

and these places have the highest temperatures

ever recorded on the planet


Location: Athens, Greece

Greece's Athens and Elefsina registered

118.4F (48C) on July 10, 1977


Location: Oodnadatta, Australia

Registered 123F (50.7C) on January 2, 1960


Location: Turbat, Pakistan

Registered 128.7F (53.7C) on May 28, 2017


Location: Tirat Zvi, Israel

Registered 129F (53.9C) on June 21, 1942

It is the third hottest place on Earth

along with Mitribah, Kuwait

which also recorded a temperature

of 129F (53.9C) on May 28, 2017


Location: Kebili, Tunisia

Registered 131F (55C) on July 7, 1931

(Khalil Khali, Resident)

“Before, the normal rate of the temperature in the state of Kebili was at the level of 104 and 108 degrees Fahrenheit. But within the last four years, the temperatures witnessed a significant increase and reached the limits of 122 and 140 degrees in the sun, and this affects the life of the citizens because the natural person cannot work at a high temperature like this, and this affects the economic cycle.”


Location: Furnace Creek Ranch, California

Death Valley is the hottest spot on the planet

holding a record of 134F (56.7 C) registered on July 10, 1913