House Bill (HB) 1927 May Advance This Week

Texas Republican Party Chair, Ret. Lt. Col. Allen West is urging Governor Greg Abbott and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick to support House Bill 1927, a Constitutional Carry bill that passed in the full House.

Video Transcript

- Now to a political disagreement between Texas Republicans. This is over a singular constitutional carry bill. After it passed the House, legislation has now stalled in the Senate because simply there isn't enough support overall to approve it. But as our political reporter Jack Fink explains now, there is a chance that the measure could advance this week.

JACK FINK: Texas Republican Party chair retired Lieutenant Colonel Allen West is urging Governor Greg Abbott and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick to support House Bill 1927, a constitutional carry bill that passed in the full House. But in the Senate, this bill and similar legislation is still in committee.

ALLEN WEST: Either they see it as a constitutional right, or they don't.

JACK FINK: On Friday, the Lieutenant governor formed a new special committee on constitutional issues to consider the House Bill. If approved, it would allow anyone over 21 to carry a handgun without a license and training, which is required now. A variety of Texas police chiefs, including Eddie Garcia of Dallas, oppose the measure. A senior advisor to the lieutenant governor, Sherry Sylvester, said there aren't enough votes in the full Senate to pass constitutional carry and in a statement said the Lieutenant governor, quote, "will continue meeting with law enforcement, gun rights stakeholders, and senators on this issue to find consensus and the votes needed to pass."

ALLEN WEST: Well, the thing that is very disconcerting for a lot of Texas Republicans is that constitutional carry is one of the eight legislative priorities that were voted upon last summer by the delegates to the Texas Republican convention.

JACK FINK: North Texas Republican Senator Drew Springer, whose constitutional carry bill is in committee, said on Twitter he would vote for HB 1927 and that he strongly supports constitutional carry. And Republican Senator Angela Paxton of McKinney said she also backs the bill saying, "protecting our constitutional rights is of the utmost importance. And to me, the Second Amendment continues to be a priority." Last week, Governor Abbott was asked if he supports House Bill 1927. And today, his press secretary referred us to his comments.

GREG ABBOTT: And while we are working to see what happens with legislation like that, what I'm focusing on are the items that I listed as emergency item.

JACK FINK: Today, a staff member for the chair of the new Senate committee considering the constitutional carry bill said there will be a hearing this week. But he didn't know exactly when. Jack Fink, CBS 11 News.